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Brief History of Troop 505

Boy Scout Troop 505, chartered to St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, is part of the Golden Arrow District of the Sam Houston Area Council -- one of the largest Scout councils in the nation. We're told that the number "505" was chosen because it most closely resembled the letters "SOS" (in keeping with the Scout Motto, "Be Prepared")!

While St. Vincent has sponsored a Boy Scout troop since the mid 1940's (by 1949 the men of the parish had built the original Boy Scout House using donated materials), interest in leadership waned in the early 1980's and the troop charter lapsed. In 1986 interest in Scouting increased and the troop was rechartered. Since then it has grown from 7 Scouts to its present membership of over 40 Scouts.

We are very proud of the fact that of the first 7 Scouts registered in 1986, five have attained the highest rank in Scouting, that of Eagle Scout. Since its first charter in the 1940's, the troop has produced nearly 80 Eagle Scouts.

The gold star in the lower left hand corner of our troop flag is in honor of Gary S. Calnan, the first Troop 505 Scout who died in the service of this country. Gary earned his Eagle Scout award in 1959.

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Here's a list of Troop 505's recent Scoutmasters:

* Colby Williford (2011-date)

* John Lauten (2007-2011)

* Rudy Dismuke (2004-2006)

* Ted Holubec (2002-2003)

* Dana Foy (2001)

* Richard Schultz (1999-2000)

* Drew Shebay (1997-1998)

* Jay Muse (1996)

* Russell Thoede (199?-1995)

At this point the details start to get a little "fuzzy"

(please contact the webmaster if you have any additions/corrections):

* Mike Moore (early 1990's)

* Jeremy Setter (early 1980's)

* Dick Herrod (early 1970's to 1980)

* Jock Mueller (early 1970's)

* John Halik (1967-1969?)

* John O'Connor (1966)(according to the Oct. 1965 charter)
ASM: Al Locker, Sr. (1966-1968)

* Orville Hunter (1964-1965)(according to the Oct. 1963 and Oct. 1964 charters)
- John Thoede became Explorer Post 505 advisor

* Fred Putz (1963?)

* Bob Parsons (1961)
ASM: John Thoede (1961-1963)

* Pat James (1960)(according to the Oct. 1959 charter)

* Al Clay, Jr. (1959)
- Jock Mueller became Explorer Post 505 advisor

* Jock Mueller (1954-1958)

* Harold Bordelon (1953)

* Mr. O'Neil (1952)

* William Goggan (1950)(according to the Oct. 1949 charter)
ASM: E.V. Moody (who was also the Explorer Post 505 Advisor)

* Edward McNerney (1943-1947ish)

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