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Camping 2008-2009

Here's a list of where Troop 505 went camping in 2008-2009:

* Camp Strake (Catholic Retreat)

* Huntsville State Park

* Camp Karankawa (Winter Camp)

* Camp Strake

* Camporee 2009 - "Scouting Decathlon"

* Stephen F. Austin State Park

* Pecan Park Retreat, San Marcos

* George W. Pirtle Scout Reservation, Carthage

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Service Hours 2008-2009

Here's a partial list of how Troop 505 Scouts earned service hours in 2008-2009:

* CCSC Back To School (Aug '08)

* SVDP Fun Fest (Oct '08)

* Rotary Distinguished Citizen Award (Nov '08)

* SVDP Food Drive benefitting CCSC Emergency Services (Nov '08)

* CCSC Jingle Bell Express (Dec '08)

* Wait/Bus Tables for Knights of Columbus Fish Fry (Fridays during Lent, '09)

* Plant 16 trees in George Bush Park (Feb '09)

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George W. Pirtle Scout Reservation, Carthage

After 7:30 Mass on Sunday, June 7 at SVDP, we loaded the trailer and left for Camp Pirtle at 9:30 a.m. Lunch was at Wendy's in Nacogdoches. In Mr. Lauten's truck, the "horse" game wasn't decided until we pulled into the last road to the camp. Upon arrival at 1:15 p.m., we did medical checks, got our meal bracelets, passed the swim test in the pool, and unloaded our gear after the short walk with troop guide, Trenton, to campsite #14. We were able to group our tents by patrol and the adults had their own site as well. Some of us used the wood tent platforms as a front porch. We shared the site with a troop from Longview. We had flag ceremony and dinner in the dining hall at six p.m. Mr. Lauten and Senior patrol Leader Trevor L. attended the Leaders' meeting. We met all the staff at the opening campfire. They had a fantastic speaker system and light show. The best skits were Titanic reenactment, Star Trek: Chigger and the brown pants, and the "Singin' in the Rain" sing-along. Lights out every night was at 10:30 p.m. Reveille every morning was at 6:30. The mile swim participants, Trevor L. and Mr. Lauten, had to be at the pool every morning at 6.

A typical day was Chapel at 7, flag ceremony and breakfast at 7:30, rest period before the three morning merit badge sessions, lunch at 12:30, two afternoon merit badge sessions, a free period, closing flags and dinner at 6:00 p.m., followed by the camp's evening program.

Monday:Trevor L. went to the health lodge to get eye drops for his eye because of a scratched cornea. Mr. Jallans and Jared J. did their swim test before breakfast. We had a conservation project for our free time that involved cutting back brush on the trails from the trading post to the archery range. There was a fire drill in the afternoon. In the evening, Jared J., Trevor L., Chris S., and Herby L. competed in the 3 on 3 basketball tournament, the Hobo patrol and Spartan patrol played Ultimate Frisbee, Gunther S. played 4-square, and there was a kickball game. Mr. Lauten, Mr. Jallans, and Mr. Campodonico teamed up with the other leaders in camp to soundly defeat the staff in volleyball. The pool and slide was open until 9 p.m

Tuesday: The troop attended Chapel with Brother Tom at 7 a.m. We had popsicles after lunch. We had an ice cream party after dinner. The adult leaders had a fajita dinner at the Founder's Lodge. Mr. Williford, Mr. Lauten, and Mr. Jallans competed in the archery and shotgun competitions. We played basketball and football in the evening. Trevor L. competed in the knot-off as a one man team. Later that night, Trevor L. competed in the SPL challenge against the staff. Herby L. viewed the stars in astronomy Merit badge class.

Wednesday:ASPL Jared J. and SPL Trevor L. and the Spartan Patrol performed the morning flag ceremony and the Hobo patrol retired the flags in the evening. The troop had a water balloon fight after lunch. The hobo patrol took a 5 mile hike with their FCT class. After receiving our new t-shirts, we drove to the Carthage Twin Cinema to watch either "Terminator: Salvation" or "Up". We bought ice cream at Sonic after the movie. When we returned to camp, we were told to go directly to the dining hall. All of the campers had to leave their campsites due to the severe storm that was heading in our direction. The movie "National Treasure" was being projected during the storm. We were able to return to our campsites at 1 a.m. We didn't get much sleep that night.

Thursday:The pool was closed because the filter needed maintenance. Thursday was a do little day because of the rain and tornado warnings during the day. Mr. Lauten won the PGA golf tournament. We competed in the cobbler cook-off with our blueberry spice Mexican surprise cobbler. Mr. Lauten gave William the spice, cumin, instead of cinnamon to add to the cobbler. It didn't win, but it still tasted delicious. Trace M. beat Gunther S. in the finals of the rock-paper-scissors contest. Trevor L. did a karate routine in the Mr. Pirtle contest, but was runner up to the scout with the very original drum solo. Mr. Lauten won the Oreo lick-off contest. We received a score of 101 at the campsite inspection.

Friday:The staff set up a safe swim area at the lakefront that enabled everyone to finish the swimming merit badge and lifesaving merit badge requirements. The morning was devoted to finishing merit badges. The Hobos Patrol and the Phoenix/Stealth/ Spartan Patrol formed two teams that competed in the Golden War Shield Races. We had to run from station to station carrying the rope we needed to burn at he last event. We shot arrows, identified leaves and turtles, drew and colored artwork, ate a PB&J sandwich, rowed canoes, and built a fire. At the closing campfire we had a chance to sit next to a Hannah Montana look-alike. The staff finished their Chigger-Star Trek skit, "I am just a camper" and "I am just a staffer" skits, Mr. Williford and Mr. L. received the Scoutmaster Merit Badge award, Troop 505 accepted the Honor Troop award, and we went to the OA call out ceremony. We held a kangaroo court back at camp. Mr. Swanson and Mr. Lauten supervised the troop shower, which was the first shower for many of the Troop 505 scouts.

Saturday:We all packed up our gear, ate breakfast at the dining hall, got our campsite inspected and we were on the road at 9:15 am. We were back at SVDP by 12:30 p.m.

Memories:A.J.'s, "Good morning GWP!" yell, huge horse flies, hornets, daddy long legs, spiders, chiggers, daily flag ceremonies with our sister troop at our campsite, clapping when a chair turned over in the dining hall, "What's behind door #1, 2, 3, or 4?", waiting for your category to come up to get seconds in the dining hall, Classic rock music at meals, touching elbows before meals, adult swim at 4th period, AC in the scoutmasters' lounge (lucky for them), table waiters, cleaning the latrine, fried chicken, 96 degree heat on Friday, adult leaders requirement conferences on their porches, "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, all day Sunday!", "Where's David?", Twig and Woden in aquatics, Miles, program director Reagan, Jose the cook, Brother Tom, and trading post's Sally.

Roster:Adults: Mr. Lauten, Mr. Williford, Mr. Campodonico, Mr. Jallans, Mr. Taylor, and Mr. Swanson. Scouts: Trevor L., Jared J., Chris S., David R., William M., Reed W., Alex K., Herby L., Nicholas B., P.J. C., Noah C., Trace M., Gunther S., Patrick S., and Matthew T.

Favorite Merit Badges:All of the Hobo patrol members completed the First Aid, Swimming, and Environmental Science merit badges, Jared J, and Trevor L. earned two merit badges in their robotics class, Trevor L. and Alex K. did canoeing, Herby L. completed astronomy, Reed W. and Herby L. finished Fish and Wildlife, Chris S. earned the Climbing merit badge

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Pecan Park Retreat, San Marcos

On this campout, there were nine scouts and eight adult leaders. We had the largest site, #1, that had the 10x20 ft pavilion in the San Marcos River Retreat. We met at T.G. Livery on Saturday at 9:30 A.M. to discuss the float plan and take the bus to City Park. We had three solo kayaks, two double canoes, and five canoes for the seven mile trip down the San Marcos River. We avoided any contact with the adjacent county's Swine Flu outbreak during our trip. The trained adults, Mr. Wolz, Dr. Taylor, and Dr. Lauten took the point, middle and rear positions to guide us. We portaged left at Rio Vista Dam and spent an hour going down the rapids, swinging on the rope, and doing line rescues. After lunch on the river, some of us changed canoe and kayak partners which made the journey easier. At Cummings Dam we had to lower our canoes 16 feet on the right side of the dam. After we finished the trip, some of the scouts and adult leaders went swimming in the river near our campsite. After making dinner and cleaning up, we had peach and apple cobbler while we played cards. We were all tired after paddling all day, so we went to sleep before 10 o'clock.
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may09_04.jpg may09_05.jpg may09_06.jpg

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Stephen F. Austin State Park

This was the first time Troop 505 camped at Stephen F. Austin State Park since I joined the troop 5 years ago. We were able to secure 3 campsites together and close to the rest rooms, thanks to Mr. Campodonico having gone to the park earlier in the day. The troop went on a 5 mile hike in the morning and played 9 or 18 holes of golf in the afternoon. The course was in great shape. We seemed to lose a lot of balls in the one large gorge that traversed the golf course. We played a best ball scramble format, which made play a lot faster. The foursome of Mr. Lauten, Trevor L., Juan A., and Daniel C. were attacked by bees at the 8th hole. There were a lot of great shots, bad shots and ricochets during the day. At campfire that night, all the foursomes handed out awards for their golf play. On Sunday morning we had a nine-hole putting tournament, closest to the pin contest and a Scout's Own service. The return trip to the scout house took less than an hour.
apr09_01.jpg apr09_02.jpg

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Camporee 2008 - "Scouting Decathlon"

Congratulations to those scouts that participated in the GAD camporee on March 6-8. The scouts competed as a beginner patrol using the Hobo moniker. They took third place in Flag etiquette, Knot tying, dutch oven dessert contest (Hoboes Chocolate Cherry Sploosh) and second place in tent pitching. Addison S., Jared J., and Mr. Jallans were "tapped out" at the Order of the Arrow campfire for their election by the troop. The Circus Elephant ("Pee"-Nuts!) skit at closing campfire was very funny. Troop 505 was well represented.

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Service Project - George Bush Park

On February 28, 2009 Troop 505 planted, mulched, and staked sixteen trees along the entrance road to the George Bush Park meeting room. Hal Hilton, Precinct 3 Park manager, remarked that the work was excellent, the trees were aligned well, and the workers were very efficient. Special thanks go out to Harris County Precint Three and Commissioner Steve Radack for supplying all the necessary trees, materials, and tools to complete the project. With all the available help on hand, we were able to finish the project ahead of schedule.

After the first hole was dug (I thought my dad was digging a swimming pool!) we became very good at outlining the hole to the proper measurements of the tree's root bed (Mrs. Debo applied her educator's knowledge to this) and planting the trees with ease. We learned that a wind-aided styrofoam plate will travel a long way, wheel barrows can tip over, a shovel can cause you to lose your balance, and trees like these Live Oaks don't just plant themselves.

tl0209_01.jpg tl0209_02.jpg

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Pack 505 Arrow of Light Ceremony February 12

Troop 505 Order of the Arrow members Liam T., Juan A., and Matthew R. were on the ceremony team for Pack 505's Webelos crossover. Earning their Arrow of Light award and crossing over into Scouting and Troop 505 were: Noah C., Joseph D., Elliot E., Daniel G., Trace M., Paul S., Patrick S., and Matthew T.
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Camp Strake

Thanks to Mr. Holm, who organized the campout and was our rifle and shotgun counselor, every scout qualified for the rifle merit badge. Trevor L., Eric B., William M., Chris S., David R., and John Joseph W. completed the rifle requirements. Also, Eric B., Trevor L., and John Joseph W. completed the shotgun merit badge. Senior Patrol Leader Juan A., who already has the merit badges, was the best shooter in rifle and shotgun. The Camp Strake staff went out of their way cooking all our meals for the weekend. The home-made cookies, chocolate brownies, 3/4 pound hamburgers, bacon, omelets and fried chicken were plentiful and delicious. Juan A. was the best at Uno, "Spit", and "BS" card games on Saturday night. I was happy to have brought my winter sleeping bag because the temperature got down to the low 20's on Friday night. Mr. Lauten, Mr, Williford, Mr. Redano, Mr. Simpson, Dr. Taylor and Mr. Jallans also helped supervise the shooting range. Not only did we have fun, we also learned the safety rules for rifle and shotgun.
jan09_01.jpg jan09_03.jpg jan09_05.jpg
jan09_02.jpg jan09_04.jpg jan09_06.jpg

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Camp Karankawa (Winter Camp)

winter08a.jpg winter08b.jpg winter08c.jpg

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Huntsville State Park

Eight scouts (Trevor L., Addison S., Jared J., William M., David R., Christopher S., Eric B., and John W.) and five adult leaders (Mr. Lauten, Mr. Jallans, Mr. Wolz, Mr. Watson and Mr. Bailey) participated in the campout at Huntsville State Park. Because it was a wilderness survival weekend, each of us was instructed to bring a sleeping bag, ground pad, and whatever we could pack into a two pound coffee can as well as our pockets. Everyone was very resourceful in packing food items, ropes, tarps, and personal items (no ipods) for the three day trip. We constructed solo shelters and three person shelters. All were very effective in keeping us warm when the temperature dropped to 35 degrees on Saturday night.

Saturday was a very fun-filled day with trips to the Huntsville Prison Museum and a tour of the big Sam Houston statue. Everyone had fun at the museum. We saw a model of a prison cell, Bonnie and Clyde's "thank you letter", and the famous "Old Sparky". Everyone was also amazed at the size of the Sam Houston statue. Did you know that it is the second tallest statue in Texas? Afterwards, everyone ate their lunch. Trevor L., Mr. Lauten, and Mr. Jallans went on a four mile hike to the dam and back. While that was happening, the rest of the troop was starting fire with knives, magnifying glass, and batteries. After dinner, Mr. Wolz read us the story, "To Build A Fire", just before we all went into our shelters for the night.

Sunday, we ate breakfast from what we had left in our coffee cans. We did our "Leave No Trace" program and cleaned our three sites before we left the campgrounds at 9:30 AM.

nov08_01.jpg nov08_02.jpg nov08_03.jpg
nov08_05.jpg nov08_06.jpg nov08_08.jpg

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Service Project - Rotary Distinguished Citizen Award

On November 10, 2008 Troop 505 provided the color guard for the Rotary Club of Houston Distinguished Citizen Award Banquet held at the Hyatt Regency Houston. The recipient was Craig Biggio for contributions to the community through the Sunshine Kids, a support organization for children with cancer and their families. Trevor L., Andy H., and Audley H. served as flag bearers. Troop 505 was proud to be a part of the presentation and glad to be of service.

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