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Camping 2006-2007

Here's a list of where Troop 505 went camping in 2006-2007:

* Wolf Creek Park (Livingston)

* Bastrop State Park Photos!

* Huntsville State Park Photos!

* Camp Karankawa (Winter Camp)

* Brazos Bend State Park

* Camp Strake Photos!

* Camporee 2007 - "Operation: Rolling Thunder"

* Enchanted Rock Photos!

* Pecan Park Retreat, San Marcos

* Camp Ben Delatour Photos!

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Service Hours 2006-2007

Here's a partial list of how Troop 505 Scouts earned service hours in 2006-2007:

* SVDP Festival of Ministries (Aug '06)

* Collect/catalog/install books for libraries at three Senior Centers (Sep '06)

* SVDP Fun Fest (Oct '06)

* CCSC Jingle Bell Express (Dec '06)

* Wait/Bus Tables for Knights of Columbus Fish Fry (Fridays during Lent, '07)

* Index three volumes of Civil War Era court records (May '07)

* SVDP Playground renovation (Jul '07)

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Laguna Station - June 2007

Sunday: We left at 6 a.m. from the Scout House for the 6 hour drive to S. Padre Island. After unloading gear and choosing tents, we took a short tour of the camp with Aquatics director Blake Ramsey, and Camp directors Jim Welton and Marvilyn Miller. The dining hall, tents, latrines, pavilion and program areas were all very close together; we really liked that because we had to walk long distances to the facilities at other camps. Everyone passed their swim tests in the bay and we put our buddy tags on the surfboard. We set up chairs around our campsite and listened to music on Mr. Dismuke's stereo, absorbed the sun's rays, and played cards. The first meal, like all the rest of the meals during the week, was catered by a local restaurant. The saying, "The food tastes like Mom's, if Mom is a chef at an award-winning restaurant", proved to be true throughout the week. It was the best food we ever had at any of the week-long camps we've attended. We met the staff and were given a brief history of Laguna Station and were informed of the difference between a causeway and a bridge: causeways are free- standing, bridges have some sort of suspension. Lights Out was at 10:30 and Quiet Time was at 11 p.m.

Monday:Reveille was at 7 a.m. and the staff played wake up music by bands like the Beach Boys, Beatles, and the Ataris through the camp's Fender amplifier system. Gabriel S. went with the Fishing Adventure crew all week while the rest of us did the Island Adventure. In the morning we ocean-kayaked to South Bay, led by SPL Chris D. and Kristina M. The afternoon Sunfish sailing program was more exciting than we expected. The combination of freaky winds and strong currents that afternoon made sailing in the Bay very difficult. First, Jared D. and instructor Zach M. broke their boom and were towed back by the Coast Guard vessel. Then Chris and Kristina capsized and were flipped back over with help from staffer Sam. Meanwhile, a fishing boat cut the anchor line to the 20 foot sailboat and was secured by the other camp staffers before it drifted too far. That same fishing boat picked up Sam and brought him back to Trevor's Sunfish, that had been drifting apart from the other boat. Sam and Trevor sailed back to Chris and Kristina and the 20 foot sailboat towed everyone back to shore. This all happened because of Kristina's jinxed evil suntan lotion. When all the drama died down and the rescue was over, John H. joked, "Does this mean the rest of us don't get to go sailing today?" Trevor, Jared, and Mr. Lauten played on the camp's team that beat the staff in the volleyball tournament that night. Ice cream sundaes were served as late-night snacks.

Tuesday: Surf's up, dude! We all learned to surf this morning with the help of instructors Bo, Heidi, and Ryan. We used both the 8 foot and 10 foot soft top boards. The 3 foot waves were breaking just right. Cowabanga! We got to the afternoon Eco tour late because Mr. Lauten got us lost. Turns out we were at the back of the Pan Am Coastal Studies Lab instead of the front of the building. After a test and scavenger hunt, we went to the jetties and the bay to collect various sea creatures for the camp aquarium. We used nets to collect fish, sea squirts, urchins, hermit crabs, and flounder. The sideways stinging rain made the collection process difficult, but we finished our tasks. We watched the movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean", in the dining hall that night.

Wednesday: This was all day snorkeling and we all had fun collecting shells on the sea bottom. The drivers turned doughnuts on the beach parking expanse. Great fun!! We were treated to ice cream in town and we shopped for souvenirs. After dinner we played board games and Mr. Lauten organized a ping pong tournament.

Thursday: We surfed in the morning and went to Schlitterbahn Waterpark in the afternoon. We liked the hot tub the best. We ate at the Shrimp House for dinner and saw a late movie in town. We saw either "Harry Potter", "Rattatouille", "Die Hard" or "Transformers".

Friday:After breakfast we drove to Nuevo Progresso where we walked across the toll bridge into Mexico and did some shopping with the street vendors.We had fun learning the art of bartering to get the best prices. We returned in the afternoon for the hamburger and hot dog cookout. After the kite flying and sand castle building demonstrations, we competed in the H2O Wow! Olympics. Liam T., Trevor L., and Jared D.did well in the swim, run, kayak triathalon. Mr. Dismuke and Mr. Lauten competed in the kayak race. Jared D., Brendan D., and Liam competed in the surfboard paddle race. Mrs. Taylor sailed the Hobi Cat. The evening Pachanga and awards ceremony completed the week- long activities. Chris D., Kristina M., and Trevor were given awards for their Monday sailing misadvetures, Andrew C., Jared D., Brendan D., Chris D., John H., Anand M., Christina M., Liam T., and Trevor L. were given special "Fishing in the Rain" awards for their Eco tour work. Gabriel S. received the top fisherman award for the week. Chris D., Trevor L., and Kristina M., were top biologists. Gabriel S. organized a singing contest and Rick sang "Yellow Submarine", Troop 570 sang a Beach Boys song and Gabriel sang "The Anchor Holds". Trevor L. and Mr. Lauten were recognized for their early morning running. The staff made homemade root beer and we busted a candy-filled piƱata.

Saturday: All of our gear was loaded into the trailer, the campsite was cleaned and we left an hour ahead of schedule, 8:00 a.m. for the drive back to Houston. For breakfast we made our own waffles in the professional wafflemakers.

Memories:Listening to music, Larry the Cable Guy, Dan Cook, Wanda Sykes,and Bill Cosby. Getting temporary tattoos. Staff members Patrick, Matt, Callie, and Fabian. "Awkward puppy". Riding the waves. Kristina falling over the concrete doughnut. Laguna station grace: "For sea, sand, and sunny skies, For food, friendships, and fair winds, For these things we are grateful O Lord. Amen". Mexican DVD's. Wind and rain most of the week. Sand, mud, and salty water.

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Somewhere over the rainbows Crew 505 surfer dudes.. and surfer chicks. Jared and Brenden D. paddle out for the surfboard relay race.
jul07_01.jpg jul07_02.jpg jul07_03.jpg
Trevor catching a wave Cozy campsites right on the bay. Everyday uniforms being worn.
jul07_04.jpg jul07_05.jpg jul07_06.jpg
Nuevo Progresso, Mexico trip

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Ben Delatour Scout Ranch

Ben Delatour Scout Ranch, "BDSR", in Northern Colorado was the site of Troop 505's summer camp from June 10 to June 16. Our 9:20 a.m. SWAir flight on Sunday got us to Denver, and we rented cars to drive us to BDSR Camp Jeffrey, 40 miles north of Fort Collins, near Red Feathers Lake. We traded the heat and humidity of Houston for Colorado's temperatures in the 70's during the day and the 30's at night. After dropping off Graham W. at Elkhorn High Adventure base camp for his week long climbing trek, we proceeded to Camp Jeffrey and hiked a mile with most of our gear to the Porcupine campsite with our assigned Troop Guides, Eric and Jacob. We set up camp while Senior Patrol Leader Trevor L. and Scoutmaster Mr. Lauten attended the leaders' meetings. Our first flag ceremony at 5:45 was followed by a barbeque dinner. We met the staff members of Camp Jeffrey at the opening campfire and we won the "throw it out the window" song competition. Because of the possibility of bears in camp, we had to gather all of our "smellables" (anything with a scent that might attract bears: toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo, soaps, deodorant, sun screen, and even disposable cameras!) We had to take them to Nuzum shelter and get them the next morning. We finally retired to our canvas wall tents and slept on our metal bed spring cots after 10 o'clock Taps.

A typical day consisted of morning and evening flag ceremonies, three meals in Coral Rock Dining Hall, four merit badge sessions, and free time in the campsite. Meals were served family style and SPL Trevor L. and Mrs. Holm made a duty roster for each meal's table waiters. The food during the week was good. You were always able to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches during the day, even if you didn't like what was served. We had eggs for breakfast every morning.

Monday Mr. Simpson won the Scoutmaster shotgun competition. Mr. Richards drove into town to get needed supplies and found the whitewater trip meeting place. Instead of hauling the 50 pound smellables bag to Nuzum, the scouts rigged a bear bag between two trees to save time.

Tuesday Mr. Simpson, Mr. Lauten, and new adult leader and Eagle Scout William Simpson went on a trail ride. It rained on and off the entire day. The climbers couldn't practice at the Pancake climbing basin and stayed under cover at Coffin Shelter in the Soaring Eagle camp and tied climbing knots. The troop carried out staffer Derek's conservation project by improving the water run off along the trail from the Nature Center to the Trading Post. OA fellowship and cracker barrel at Kola Lodge was attended by Mr. Burkett, Mr. Simpson, Mr. William Simpson, Mr. Lauten, Trevor L. and Michael M. The morning flag ceremony was conducted by Trevor L., Pierce D., Michael M., Aria S., Sam B., Jared J., and Matthew R.

Wednesday William Simpson and Camp Chaplain Elwin Hebner led the troop in a morning chapel service. Mr. Lauten went over the first aid requirements with the entire troop for the climbing merit badge that evening. Mr. Taylor came up with a hilarious boxing skit for the campfire that night. Other memorable troops' skits were these: Abbott and Costello's "Who's on first", "Bang, bang, tank, tank ", "The invisible bench", and "Hi, I'm Chrissie look-a-like to the if I weren't a boy scout skit". Meal director Andrew led the camp in a round of "Fires burning, fires burning". Trevor L. completed his Astronomy night viewing.

Thursday Mr. Jallans, a.k.a. "Rushing Waters", Mr. Richards, "Bear", Mr. Simpson, "Beaver", Mr. Burkett, "TUTS", and Mr. Lauten, "Raider", completed the scoutmaster C.O.P.E. ( Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) class in the morning. They practiced team building and trusting skills and completed the high ropes course. Mr. DeWitt taught us the Leave No Trace program. The overnight camping took place for the Camping Merit badge and Wilderness Survival merit badge classes. Trevor L. and David R. went on a horseback trail ride with wranglers Allie and Marissa.

Friday Makeup classes were held for merit badges in the morning. Most of the troop went on the afternoon whitewater rafting trip on the Poudre river. Those who stayed in camp went fishing or simply relaxed. At the closing campfire, Troop 505 received the coveted Scout Ranch Pride award for their participation during the week. Every scout took a shower. For some, it was their first one at camp.

Saturday It started with a 6 a.m. wakeup, getting a new camp tshirt, gear packing, continental breakfast, and 9 a.m. departure from camp. On our way back to the airport, we went on a tour of Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies baseball team. Everybody had dinner at the food court in the airport prior to our flight back to Houston.

My favorite memories of camp: The chant, "Chey Chey Kool Ay; Chey Ko Vee Saa: Co Visa Longa; Longa Chu Monga; Ay, Oh, Ay Oh Lay", "We are...Hungry!!", Director James, rowing staffer Chrissie, Obi 1, nature staffer Derek, "E L W I N ", finding blessings, nature staffer Matt's monotone and his 'dark sucker' skit, making sure the scouts cleaned the latrines, numerous troop assemblies, Gabe S. getting pounced on by all the staff in recognition of his 16th birthday, climbing and rappelling, great weather, hiking in the 7500 foot elevation of the camp, Sam B.'s many nosebleeds, Monster Mountain (it looked like a giant lying on his back), Trevor L. on the front page of the slide show, Julian M.'s "Crab Man" hair, drinking gallons of water, chapped lips, rafting guide Kate, David R.'s Class A shower, and pecan pie for dessert.

Troop 505 liked...
"Climbing." Trevor L., Julian M., Matthew R., David R., Aria S., and Graham W.
"Learning how to tie stuff." Michael M.
"Whitewater rafting." Trevor L., Travis W., David R., Aria S.
"Environmental Science." Jared J. a.k.a. " Snoo-gums"
"Fly fishing." Gabe S.
"Sleeping." Pierce D. and Alex D.

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Flag ceremony Service project Climbing MB on Pancake Rock
jun07_01.jpg jun07_02.jpg jun07_03.jpg
Campfire skit SM testing his mettle Gathering before dinner
jun07_04.jpg jun07_05.jpg jun07_06.jpg
Camping MB 5 mile hike and overnighter In dugout at Coors Field At Denver Airport
jun07_07.jpg jun07_08.jpg jun07_09.jpg

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Pecan Park Retreat, San Marcos

San Marcos takes less than 3 hours, provided you don't get stopped in Martindale by the local "speed trap" policeman. We stayed at Pecan Park Retreat and rented our canoes and kayaks from T.G. Livery. We had a large pavilion on sites 2, 3, and 4. All four patrols; Pirate, Phoenix, Stealth, and Dutch Oven, were able to prepare, cook, and eat their meals under the pavilion. The Blanco River was swollen from recent rains, so we completed only 2 miles of the 7 mile trip on the San Marcos River. We ate lunch on the river near the Rio Vista Dam, and we really enjoyed going down the new rapids in our life vests. Some of the scouts completed their requirements for line rescues. We had time to go to Wonder World in San Marcos. We took their tram through a waterfall to a petting zoo where we fed deer and one angry emu. We went down the 160 foot "dry" cave that was formed by an ancient earthquake. We were allowed to touch a 65 million year old mollusk, kiss the lucky rock formation, see glowing rocks, take the elevator to the observation tower, and visit the anti-gravity room. After dinner at the campsite, we retired a flag. Cameron M. and Graham W. built a huge bonfire and acting SPL Anand M. and Trevor L. conducted the ceremony. Scouts Own service on Sunday was performed by Chaplain Aide Daniel C.

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Enchanted Rock

We had sites 29, 32, and 35 which were close to the rocks, more secluded than the road sites, but farther away from water and the parking lot. The four hour and ten minute trip got us to Enchanted Rock a little after midnight. Acting SPL for the campout was Audley H. The adult patrol box did not get packed in the trailer, but they made do by borrowing utensils from the Stealth and Phoenix patrols. We hiked to the top of Enchanted Rock and later had lunch at camp. Exploring the caves next to our campsites was a lot of fun. We drove to Fredericksburg and visited the Admiral Nimitz Museum dedicated to World War II in the Pacific. We saw tanks, guns, bombs, a PT boat, planes, and had a great World War II veteran tour guide. Chris G. and his father completed a 5 mile hike for his camping merit badge. Chris also led the campfire program to complete his Communications merit badge requirement. Trevor L. conducted the Scouts' Own service prior to leaving camp on Sunday morning.
apr07_01.jpg apr07_02.jpg apr07_03.jpg apr07_04.jpg

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Camporee 2007 - "Operation: Rolling Thunder"

Troop 505 competed in the Golden Arrow District Camporee at Camp Bovay. The theme was "Operation Rolling Thunder." The ten events were done at night. The Phoenix Patrol members, Trevor L., Audley H., Andy H, and Michael F., represented the troop well. Mr. Lauten, Mr. Flatter, Mr. Holm, and Mrs. Heath provided the meals so we could concentrate on the events. The strategy worked fine because the troop and patrol were awarded second place in the small troop division, and third place in the Blind Escape event. Some of the memorable events were: Laser Wall, Document Recovery, and Jaws of Death Snack Time. We were hit by a sudden cold front, so we were allowed to leave early Sunday morning.

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Camp Strake

At the May Court of Honor the following awards were presented:
  • Sharpshooter Award (rifle): Peter McAughan
  • Dead Eye Award (shotgun): Sam Burkett
feb07_01.jpg feb07_02.jpg feb07_03.jpg
feb07_04.jpg feb07_05.jpg feb07_06.jpg
feb07_07.jpg feb07_08.jpg

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Brazos Bend State Park

Rain, Rain, Rain! It rained or sprinkled on and off the entire weekend. We were well prepared. Everyone had rain gear. We brought three E-Z Ups (one was missing the canopy but we were able to use a tarp in its place). We learned how to cook in the rain, set up and take down tents in the rain, pitch our tents on high ground (well, most of did), and how to prevent raccoon raids. We learned a lot about the ecosystem during the half mile nature hike. We hiked to the observation tower to see the evening bird migration. We also learned about light pollution at the Challenger Learning Center. Since this was the music theme campout, we listened to different types of music during the weekend and Sam B. sang a song from his tryout. Daniel C., Chaplain Aide, led the Sunday morning Scouts' Own service. When we returned we made sure to air out the tarps, tents, and canopies and the patrol boxes and troop boxes.

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Camp Karankawa (Winter Camp)

Winter Camp was at Bay Area Council's Camp Karankawa in Sweeney, Texas. The Troop left from the scout house on Tuesday morning, December 26 and returned on Sunday, New Year's Eve. Mr. Richards, acting Winter Camp scoutmaster, and Mr. Campodonico, Mr. Taylor, and Mr. Redano were the adult leaders. Eight scouts including Daniel C., Pierce D., Chris G., David R., Matthew R., Gabriel S., John T., and Graham W., attended winter camp from Troop 505. There were excellent merit badge counselors and we brought home many merit badge completions, namely metalwork (camp favorite), communications, leatherwork, archery, rifle, shotgun, citizenship in the nation, envi-sci, forestry, cooking, art and first aid. The camp lived up to its reputation by being very muddy since it rained throughout the week. The rubber boots came in handy! The troop members earned the winter camping patch by camping in sub freezing temperatures for two consecutive nights. SPL Chris G. and ASPL Graham W. set good examples for leadership and were asked to return as camp staffers.

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Huntsville State Park

On Friday, we left the scout house at 6:30 p.m., and arrived at Huntsville State Park at 8:00. Then, we all set up our tents at our campsites by patrol.

On Saturday,with so many tours planned, the troop was up by 7:00 a.m. and the patrols all cooked a good breakfast. We were at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum at 9:00 a.m. There, we saw memorials of all of the Texas leaders, a dutch oven cooking demonstration, and a spinning wheel demonstration. Later, we went to the Huntsville Prison Museum, where we saw an electric chair called "Old Sparky" and the prison hall of fame. We had a sack lunch at noon at the park across the street. At 1:00 p.m. sharp, the assistant warden of the Huntsville Wynne Prison Unit, along with no less than ten guards at all times, gave us a tour of the prison. We went to the mattress factory, the license plate factory, barbed wire facility, prisoner-built chapel and we got to see a cell block and go in an actual cell. We learned about riot control measures, career opportunities, and were given prison license plates and stickers that were made at the prison. Special thanks go to Mr. Halbach and Mr. Jallans for organizing the tours.

After dinner, we retired an American flag. On Sunday, while Trevor L., Alex D., Andy H., Audely H., and Julian M. were drinking cokes that their neighbors gave them, Jared J. and David R. accidentally uncovered a hornets' nest and were stung repeatedly. Ouch! After that, we all went to the nature center and got to pet a live baby alligator. We left the camp ground at 11:00 A.M.


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Bastrop State Park

Twelve scouts earned the Golf merit badge at Bastrop State Park Golf Course. Our 1:30 tee times (shotgun start on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd holes) allowed us just enough time to play the 18 holes before it got dark. The scouts and adults walked the course and carried or wheeled their own clubs. It was a very hilly and demanding loop, with a deep ravine on 16 and water and sand traps along the course.

At the evening campfire the M.C. Trevor L. presented the following awards:

  • Woodcutter award for knocking off the most limbs: Graham W.L.
  • Shotgun Award for hitting 2 birds: Mr. DeWitt
  • Happiest to be there Award: Audley H.
  • Biggest Slice: Mr. Heath
  • Sportsmanship Award: John T.
  • Fastest holes played: Mr. Lauten and Trevor L.
  • Most Improved: Jonathan J.
  • Longest Putt: Mr. Holm
  • Longest Drive: Chris G.
  • Lowest scores: Mr. Jallans and Jared J.
  • Highest score and Happy Gilmore award: Aaron M.
  • Luckiest shot : Andy H.
  • Scout Spirit and Best dressed: Matthew R.
  • Backpacking Award: Taylor C.
  • Least number of clubs used: Alex D. and Taylor C.
The Sunday morning putting contest had three winners: Jared J., Aaron M. and Andy H.
oct06_01.jpg oct06_02.jpg oct06_03.jpg

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