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Brief History



Here's a list of where Troop 505 went camping in 2008-2009:
* Camp Strake (Catholic Retreat)
* Huntsville State Park
* Camp Karankawa (Winter Camp)
* Camp Strake
* Camporee 2009 - "Scouting Decathlon"
* Stephen F. Austin State Park
* Pecan Park Retreat, San Marcos
* George W. Pirtle Scout Reservation, Carthage

Click here to see the 2008-2009 calendar.

Here's a partial list of how Troop 505 Scouts earned service hours in 2008-2009:
* CCSC Back To School (Aug '08)
* SVDP Fun Fest (Oct '08)
* Rotary Distinguished Citizen Award (Nov '08)
* SVDP Food Drive benefitting CCSC Emergency Services (Nov '08)
* CCSC Jingle Bell Express (Dec '08)
* Wait/Bus Tables for Knights of Columbus Fish Fry (Fridays during Lent, '09)
* Plant 16 trees in George Bush Park (Feb '09)

Huntsville State Park
by Trevor L., Historian

Eight scouts (Trevor L., Addison S., Jared J., William M., David R., Christopher S., Eric B., and John W.) and five adult leaders (Mr. Lauten, Mr. Jallans, Mr. Wolz, Mr. Watson and Mr. Bailey) participated in the campout at Huntsville State Park. Because it was a wilderness survival weekend, each of us was instructed to bring a sleeping bag, ground pad, and whatever we could pack into a two pound coffee can as well as our pockets. Everyone was very resourceful in packing food items, ropes, tarps, and personal items (no ipods) for the three day trip. We constructed solo shelters and three person shelters. All were very effective in keeping us warm when the temperature dropped to 35 degrees on Saturday night.

Saturday was a very fun-filled day with trips to the Huntsville Prison Museum and a tour of the big Sam Houston statue. Everyone had fun at the museum. We saw a model of a prison cell, Bonnie and Clyde's "thank you letter", and the famous "Old Sparky". Everyone was also amazed at the size of the Sam Houston statue. Did you know that it is the second tallest statue in Texas? Afterwards, everyone ate their lunch. Trevor L., Mr. Lauten, and Mr. Jallans went on a four mile hike to the dam and back. While that was happening, the rest of the troop was starting fire with knives, magnifying glass, and batteries. After dinner, Mr. Wolz read us the story, "To Build A Fire", just before we all went into our shelters for the night.

Sunday, we ate breakfast from what we had left in our coffee cans. We did our "Leave No Trace" program and cleaned our three sites before we left the campgrounds at 9:30 AM.

nov08_01.jpg nov08_02.jpg nov08_03.jpg
nov08_05.jpg nov08_06.jpg nov08_08.jpg

Camp Karankawa (Winter Camp)
by Trevor L., Historian

winter08a.jpg winter08b.jpg winter08c.jpg

Camp Strake
by Trevor L., Historian

Thanks to Mr. Holm, who organized the campout and was our rifle and shotgun counselor, every scout qualified for the rifle merit badge. Trevor L., Eric B., William M., Chris S., David R., and John Joseph W. completed the rifle requirements. Also, Eric B., Trevor L., and John Joseph W. completed the shotgun merit badge. Senior Patrol Leader Juan A., who already has the merit badges, was the best shooter in rifle and shotgun. The Camp Strake staff went out of their way cooking all our meals for the weekend. The home-made cookies, chocolate brownies, 3/4 pound hamburgers, bacon, omelets and fried chicken were plentiful and delicious. Juan A. was the best at Uno, "Spit", and "BS" card games on Saturday night. I was happy to have brought my winter sleeping bag because the temperature got down to the low 20's on Friday night. Mr. Lauten, Mr, Williford, Mr. Redano, Mr. Simpson, Dr. Taylor and Mr. Jallans also helped supervise the shooting range. Not only did we have fun, we also learned the safety rules for rifle and shotgun.
jan09_01.jpg jan09_03.jpg jan09_05.jpg
jan09_02.jpg jan09_04.jpg jan09_06.jpg

Pack 505 Arrow of Light Ceremony February 12
by Trevor L., Historian

Troop 505 Order of the Arrow members Liam T., Juan A., and Matthew R. were on the ceremony team for Pack 505's Webelos crossover. Earning their Arrow of Light award and crossing over into Scouting and Troop 505 were: Noah C., Joseph D., Elliot E., Daniel G., Trace M., Paul S., Patrick S., and Matthew T.
feb09_01.jpg feb09_02.jpg

Camporee 2009 - "Scouting Decathlon"
by Trevor L., Historian

Congratulations to those scouts that participated in the GAD camporee on March 6-8. The scouts competed as a beginner patrol using the Hobo moniker. They took third place in Flag etiquette, Knot tying, dutch oven dessert contest (Hoboes Chocolate Cherry Sploosh) and second place in tent pitching. Addison S., Jared J., and Mr. Jallans were "tapped out" at the Order of the Arrow campfire for their election by the troop. The Circus Elephant ("Pee"-Nuts!) skit at closing campfire was very funny. Troop 505 was well represented.

Stephen F. Austin State Park
by Trevor L., Historian

This was the first time Troop 505 camped at Stephen F. Austin State Park since I joined the troop 5 years ago. We were able to secure 3 campsites together and close to the rest rooms, thanks to Mr. Campodonico having gone to the park earlier in the day. The troop went on a 5 mile hike in the morning and played 9 or 18 holes of golf in the afternoon. The course was in great shape. We seemed to lose a lot of balls in the one large gorge that traversed the golf course. We played a best ball scramble format, which made play a lot faster. The foursome of Mr. Lauten, Trevor L., Juan A., and Daniel C. were attacked by bees at the 8th hole. There were a lot of great shots, bad shots and ricochets during the day. At campfire that night, all the foursomes handed out awards for their golf play. On Sunday morning we had a nine-hole putting tournament, closest to the pin contest and a Scout's Own service. The return trip to the scout house took less than an hour.
apr09_01.jpg apr09_02.jpg

Pecan Park Retreat, San Marcos
by Trevor L., Historian

On this campout, there were nine scouts and eight adult leaders. We had the largest site, #1, that had the 10x20 ft pavilion in the San Marcos River Retreat. We met at T.G. Livery on Saturday at 9:30 A.M. to discuss the float plan and take the bus to City Park. We had three solo kayaks, two double canoes, and five canoes for the seven mile trip down the San Marcos River. We avoided any contact with the adjacent county's Swine Flu outbreak during our trip. The trained adults, Mr. Wolz, Dr. Taylor, and Dr. Lauten took the point, middle and rear positions to guide us. We portaged left at Rio Vista Dam and spent an hour going down the rapids, swinging on the rope, and doing line rescues. After lunch on the river, some of us changed canoe and kayak partners which made the journey easier. At Cummings Dam we had to lower our canoes 16 feet on the right side of the dam. After we finished the trip, some of the scouts and adult leaders went swimming in the river near our campsite. After making dinner and cleaning up, we had peach and apple cobbler while we played cards. We were all tired after paddling all day, so we went to sleep before 10 o'clock.
may09_01.jpg may09_02.jpg may09_03.jpg
may09_04.jpg may09_05.jpg may09_06.jpg

George W. Pirtle Scout Reservation, Carthage
by Trevor L., Historian

After 7:30 Mass on Sunday, June 7 at SVDP, we loaded the trailer and left for Camp Pirtle at 9:30 a.m. Lunch was at Wendy's in Nacogdoches. In Mr. Lauten's truck, the "horse" game wasn't decided until we pulled into the last road to the camp. Upon arrival at 1:15 p.m., we did medical checks, got our meal bracelets, passed the swim test in the pool, and unloaded our gear after the short walk with troop guide, Trenton, to campsite #14. We were able to group our tents by patrol and the adults had their own site as well. Some of us used the wood tent platforms as a front porch. We shared the site with a troop from Longview. We had flag ceremony and dinner in the dining hall at six p.m. Mr. Lauten and Senior patrol Leader Trevor L. attended the Leaders' meeting. We met all the staff at the opening campfire. They had a fantastic speaker system and light show. The best skits were Titanic reenactment, Star Trek: Chigger and the brown pants, and the "Singin' in the Rain" sing-along. Lights out every night was at 10:30 p.m. Reveille every morning was at 6:30. The mile swim participants, Trevor L. and Mr. Lauten, had to be at the pool every morning at 6.

A typical day was Chapel at 7, flag ceremony and breakfast at 7:30, rest period before the three morning merit badge sessions, lunch at 12:30, two afternoon merit badge sessions, a free period, closing flags and dinner at 6:00 p.m., followed by the camp's evening program.

Monday:Trevor L. went to the health lodge to get eye drops for his eye because of a scratched cornea. Mr. Jallans and Jared J. did their swim test before breakfast. We had a conservation project for our free time that involved cutting back brush on the trails from the trading post to the archery range. There was a fire drill in the afternoon. In the evening, Jared J., Trevor L., Chris S., and Herby L. competed in the 3 on 3 basketball tournament, the Hobo patrol and Spartan patrol played Ultimate Frisbee, Gunther S. played 4-square, and there was a kickball game. Mr. Lauten, Mr. Jallans, and Mr. Campodonico teamed up with the other leaders in camp to soundly defeat the staff in volleyball. The pool and slide was open until 9 p.m

Tuesday: The troop attended Chapel with Brother Tom at 7 a.m. We had popsicles after lunch. We had an ice cream party after dinner. The adult leaders had a fajita dinner at the Founder's Lodge. Mr. Williford, Mr. Lauten, and Mr. Jallans competed in the archery and shotgun competitions. We played basketball and football in the evening. Trevor L. competed in the knot-off as a one man team. Later that night, Trevor L. competed in the SPL challenge against the staff. Herby L. viewed the stars in astronomy Merit badge class.

Wednesday:ASPL Jared J. and SPL Trevor L. and the Spartan Patrol performed the morning flag ceremony and the Hobo patrol retired the flags in the evening. The troop had a water balloon fight after lunch. The hobo patrol took a 5 mile hike with their FCT class. After receiving our new t-shirts, we drove to the Carthage Twin Cinema to watch either "Terminator: Salvation" or "Up". We bought ice cream at Sonic after the movie. When we returned to camp, we were told to go directly to the dining hall. All of the campers had to leave their campsites due to the severe storm that was heading in our direction. The movie "National Treasure" was being projected during the storm. We were able to return to our campsites at 1 a.m. We didn't get much sleep that night.

Thursday:The pool was closed because the filter needed maintenance. Thursday was a do little day because of the rain and tornado warnings during the day. Mr. Lauten won the PGA golf tournament. We competed in the cobbler cook-off with our blueberry spice Mexican surprise cobbler. Mr. Lauten gave William the spice, cumin, instead of cinnamon to add to the cobbler. It didn't win, but it still tasted delicious. Trace M. beat Gunther S. in the finals of the rock-paper-scissors contest. Trevor L. did a karate routine in the Mr. Pirtle contest, but was runner up to the scout with the very original drum solo. Mr. Lauten won the Oreo lick-off contest. We received a score of 101 at the campsite inspection.

Friday:The staff set up a safe swim area at the lakefront that enabled everyone to finish the swimming merit badge and lifesaving merit badge requirements. The morning was devoted to finishing merit badges. The Hobos Patrol and the Phoenix/Stealth/ Spartan Patrol formed two teams that competed in the Golden War Shield Races. We had to run from station to station carrying the rope we needed to burn at he last event. We shot arrows, identified leaves and turtles, drew and colored artwork, ate a PB&J sandwich, rowed canoes, and built a fire. At the closing campfire we had a chance to sit next to a Hannah Montana look-alike. The staff finished their Chigger-Star Trek skit, "I am just a camper" and "I am just a staffer" skits, Mr. Williford and Mr. L. received the Scoutmaster Merit Badge award, Troop 505 accepted the Honor Troop award, and we went to the OA call out ceremony. We held a kangaroo court back at camp. Mr. Swanson and Mr. Lauten supervised the troop shower, which was the first shower for many of the Troop 505 scouts.

Saturday:We all packed up our gear, ate breakfast at the dining hall, got our campsite inspected and we were on the road at 9:15 am. We were back at SVDP by 12:30 p.m.

Memories:A.J.'s, "Good morning GWP!" yell, huge horse flies, hornets, daddy long legs, spiders, chiggers, daily flag ceremonies with our sister troop at our campsite, clapping when a chair turned over in the dining hall, "What's behind door #1, 2, 3, or 4?", waiting for your category to come up to get seconds in the dining hall, Classic rock music at meals, touching elbows before meals, adult swim at 4th period, AC in the scoutmasters' lounge (lucky for them), table waiters, cleaning the latrine, fried chicken, 96 degree heat on Friday, adult leaders requirement conferences on their porches, "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, all day Sunday!", "Where's David?", Twig and Woden in aquatics, Miles, program director Reagan, Jose the cook, Brother Tom, and trading post's Sally.

Roster:Adults: Mr. Lauten, Mr. Williford, Mr. Campodonico, Mr. Jallans, Mr. Taylor, and Mr. Swanson. Scouts: Trevor L., Jared J., Chris S., David R., William M., Reed W., Alex K., Herby L., Nicholas B., P.J. C., Noah C., Trace M., Gunther S., Patrick S., and Matthew T.

Favorite Merit Badges:All of the Hobo patrol members completed the First Aid, Swimming, and Environmental Science merit badges, Jared J, and Trevor L. earned two merit badges in their robotics class, Trevor L. and Alex K. did canoeing, Herby L. completed astronomy, Reed W. and Herby L. finished Fish and Wildlife, Chris S. earned the Climbing merit badge

Service Project - Rotary Distinguished Citizen Award
by Trevor L., Historian

On November 10, 2008 Troop 505 provided the color guard for the Rotary Club of Houston Distinguished Citizen Award Banquet held at the Hyatt Regency Houston. The recipient was Craig Biggio for contributions to the community through the Sunshine Kids, a support organization for children with cancer and their families. Trevor L., Andy H., and Audley H. served as flag bearers. Troop 505 was proud to be a part of the presentation and glad to be of service.

Service Project - George Bush Park
by Trevor L., Historian

On February 28, 2009 Troop 505 planted, mulched, and staked sixteen trees along the entrance road to the George Bush Park meeting room. Hal Hilton, Precinct 3 Park manager, remarked that the work was excellent, the trees were aligned well, and the workers were very efficient. Special thanks go out to Harris County Precint Three and Commissioner Steve Radack for supplying all the necessary trees, materials, and tools to complete the project. With all the available help on hand, we were able to finish the project ahead of schedule.

After the first hole was dug (I thought my dad was digging a swimming pool!) we became very good at outlining the hole to the proper measurements of the tree's root bed (Mrs. Debo applied her educator's knowledge to this) and planting the trees with ease. We learned that a wind-aided styrofoam plate will travel a long way, wheel barrows can tip over, a shovel can cause you to lose your balance, and trees like these Live Oaks don't just plant themselves.

tl0209_01.jpg tl0209_02.jpg



Here's a list of where Troop 505 went camping in 2007-2008:
* Village Creek
* Camp Strake (Catholic Retreat)
* Dinosaur Valley State Park
* Texas Rock Gym
* Brazos Bend State Park
* USS Lexington
* Camporee 2008 - "A Century of Scouting"
* Inks Lake / Longhorn Caverns
* Weir, TX
* Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico

Click here to see the 2007-2008 calendar.

Here's a partial list of how Troop 505 Scouts earned service hours in 2007-2008:
* CCSC Back To School (Aug '07)
* SVDP Fun Fest (Oct '07)
* SVDP Food Drive benefitting CCSC Emergency Services (Nov '07)
* CCSC Jingle Bell Express (Dec '07)
* Re-mulched playground at The Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Feb '08)
* Built 7 tables and 14 benches for Camp for All (Mar '08)
* Wait/Bus Tables for Knights of Columbus Fish Fry (Fridays during Lent, '08)

Village Creek
by Trevor L., Historian

We left from the Scout House on Saturday at 7 a.m. for the trip to Silsbee and the Village Creek put in area. We loaded all our gear into the 8 canoes and 2 kayaks rented from Eastex Canoe Trails for the 12 scouts and 8 adults that made the trip. All of the scouts and adults passed the BSA swim test 2 weeks prior to the trip but we all still wore PFD's in accordance with the safety afloat guidelines. The hardest thing to do was to load was the collapsible 5 gallon water jugs and make it so the canoes wouldn't tip. Most of the gear had been waterproofed by covering it with garbage bags. We started paddling down the creek at 12:30 and stopped 2 hours later for lunch. Most of us switched canoe partners and we switched kayakers. The creek was not running very fast so we had to paddle a lot. Every quarter of a mile or so we had to get out of our canoes and drag them around fallen trees and other non passable blockages. We all helped each other when it came to portaging, and directing canoes around tight spots. Michael M. and Taylor C. were especially helpful in getting us untangled from fallen limbs. After stopping every 2 hours to rest, change canoes, drink water, and read the map, we finally it to the 10 mile sand bar camp at 6 o'clock. We unloaded the canoes, set up tents and made dinner. We brought our canoes ashore and turned them over to be used as tables... smart idea! After paddling all day, we were pretty "whipped" and we all went to bed early to rest our weary bones.

The next day we got up early, ate breakfast, broke camp, loaded the canoes and paddled 2 miles to the take out. Mr. Mayeaux, an experienced canoeist, didn't have any water in his canoe at the end of the trip. I think we should do this trip again so long as we start a little earlier and we continue to use teamwork to get down the river.

sep07_02.jpg sep07_05.jpg sep07_11.jpg
sep07_16.jpg sep07_23.jpg sep07_93.jpg

Camp Strake (Catholic Retreat)
by Trevor L., Historian

The thirteen candidates for the Ad Altare Dei award and the seven candidates for the Pope Pius XII award attended the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston's annual retreat at Camp Strake in Conroe, Texas. We left at 6:30 p.m. on Friday from the scout house and checked in at 8 p.m. at Camp Strake. We had just enough time to set up our tents at campsite 4 before we hiked to the opening campfire at Eagle Summit. We heard brief talks from four of the seminarians (priests in training) from St. Mary's seminary. They related how they were inspired to become priests. One of the seminarians told how he used to say his own pretend Masses in the second grade, using his brother as an altar boy and his teddy bear as a deacon. The Cracker Barrel had only two bags of chips for fifty people, but there was plenty of ice cold water available to quench our thirsts on a hot and humid night.

The next morning we were up at 6 a.m., had a flag ceremony outside the dining hall, had an opening prayer, said Grace and ate a huge breakfast. The day's A.A.D. activities consisted of four class sessions led by the seminarians and four outdoor activities in which we played mushball, football, volleyball, and four square. We also had a general session and recited the rosary with Fr. Bill. The Pope Pius scouts had an all day discussion with Fr. Bill. The evening Mass was delayed by two hours because someone locked Fr. Bill's keys in his trunk with all his vestments.

We were thankful we packed raingear and secured our tents because it rained almost the entire weekend. As usual, the food at the Camp Strake dining hall was delicious and there was plenty of it. The retreat was well-organized and we learned a lot from the seminarians and the priests.

oct07_01.jpg oct07_02.jpg oct07_03.jpg

Dinosaur Valley State Park
by Trevor L., Historian

This campout really seemed like an "old" one to the people who went: Mr. Lauten, Mr. Holm, Mr. Wolz, Trevor L., Andy H., Audley H., David R., and Gabriel S. The term old, in this case, means retro, which was the theme for our campout. Mr. Wolz and Mr. Lauten wore their Robert Baden-Powell campaign hats and Mr. Wolz had flat hats for Mr. Holm and Trevor L. Mr. Wolz wore his 1970's assistant scoutmaster uniform.

On Friday evening, the scouts loaded their personal gear and the troop gear into the bed of Mr. Lauten's truck. We left the scout house at 7:00 P.M. and made our way for the 5 hour trip to Glen Rose Texas' Dinosaur Valley State Park. Everyone made it safely to the park at midnight. After circling the available camping areas numerous times, we finally found two camp sites together and set up camp. Lights out for the troop was at 2:00 A.M.

Saturday morning's weather was cool and clear, much the same for the entire weekend. We had to move our camp sites because we were not aware that we had camped in the reserved Girl Scout campsites. We were able to use one campsite for the entire troop and share the one table rather than use two sites that were pretty far apart. The adults set up an older heavy canvas, floorless tent. The Phoenix patrol had pop tarts and the Dutch oven patrol cooked up some good pancakes and sausage and brewed coffee as always. After breakfast, we had a flag ceremony that led into one of the four "retro" parts of campout. First, Mr. Wolz passed out copies of requirements from a 1960's BSA Scout Handbook. We compared those requirements for tenderfoot, second class, and first class with the current requirements in David R.'s modern day handbook. Many requirements were different: you could not earn merit badges until Star rank, no tenderfoot or second class scoutmaster conference requirement, and stalking and tracking as well signaling were required for first class. The second event was splitting a match with an axe. Gabe S. actually did this, and he split most of the logs for the campfire. At about 11:00 A.M., the scouts and the adults packed up their lunches and headed out for the dinosaur hike. The hike was very enjoyable for everyone. We all saw dinosaur tracks along the river bed. We made our way to the gift shop and the two dinosaur models, which was the stopping point of the hiking trail.

After lunch, we did part three of the retro campout which was called stalking the prey. Gabriel was the prey the scouts had to find. We attached a bottle of baby powder to his pants leg and gave him a 15 minute head start into the woods, leaving a small trail of the powder when he stepped. We were able to follow his trail until the powder steps disappeared. At one point we tracked him to the road and thought he might have gotten a ride with someone! We picked up his trail and found him when Mr. Holm asked, "Why is there a footprint in this ant pile?" and followed the direction of his shoe print to his hiding place in the woods. The fourth retro activity was a patrol lashings competition. The scouts made a trebuchet and bombarded the adult tent with tennis balls. The adults lashed a table for the stove. The competition was a tie: the scouts' project was the most fun while the adults' table was the most useful. Mr. Wolz showed us how to backsplice the end of ropes to keep them from fraying. We camped next to a girl's volleyball team and their volleyball often found its way into our camp site during their practices. The Dutch oven patrol made enough OWL stew and apple cobbler to feed not only their own members, but the rest of the troop as well.

On Sunday, we all packed up and headed home at 8:00 A.M. Reveille was at 6 A.M.

USS Lexington
by Trevor L., Historian

We drove to Lake Texana State Park on Friday after QM Andy H. and acting SPL Trevor L. supervised the loading of the trailer. Traffic on US 59 was light for 7 p.m and we reached camp before 8 o'clock. Mr. Jallans was already at the four reserved campsites with a campfire in progress. Phoenix patrol helped the "gnus" (pronounced "ga-news") newly crossed-over scouts, Alex K., William M., and Reed W., set up their tents. We liked the campsites that were right on the water next to the dock. Mr. Simpson provided the evening's cracker barrel.

After breakfast and cleanup at the campsite, we drove two hours to Corpus Christi and checked in at the Lexington dock. We were given three rules and their consequences: No running, no hands in pockets, and shirt tails always in. The punishments for breaking these rules were pushups or Sunday morning dance. We stowed our gear in the crew's quarters and had lunch aboard the carrier. We went a block away to the Texas Aquarium ($6 per scout), ate ice cream along the beach, and toured the carrier flight deck before meeting for general assembly. We saw the IMAX movie, Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag, which everyone liked. After dinner we were allowed to roam the entire ship. We used the buddy system to go on all of the self guided tours. The evening colors ceremony was by far the most patriotic, inspiring, and entertaining one I've ever experienced. We performed a small service project by helping set up the coffee service for the following morning. The 10 p.m. ghost stories that were told on tour 4 were about true ghosts that have actually been seen onboard. Taps was at 11 p.m. and reveille was at 6:45 a.m.

We had an excellent breakfast and some of us went on the flight simulator. At the final muster at 9:15 a.m. on Sunday all the rule breakers came up on stage and danced the "Chicken Dance." We drove back to Houston and wanted to have lunch at Wendy's, couldn't find one for the first 180 miles so we settled for Burger King. Of course, two miles further there were two of them a mile apart. We were back at the Scout house, and unpacked by 2 p.m.

Camporee 2008 - "A Century of Scouting"
by Trevor L., Historian

This year's camporee was at Jack Webb Ranch near Chapel Hill, about an hour's drive from Houston. After getting our assigned campsite, we unloaded the troop trailer, set up troop gear and pitched our tents. For cracker barrel we had hot chocolate and chocolate marshmallow pies. Everything was going well until we found out that someone from another troop who was not used to the port-o-can actually did number 2 in the urinal instead of the toilet. The culprit was never found. Taps was blown by an actual bugler from the district at 11 P.M. The temperature dropped below freezing on Friday night. The water that was left in a pan on the stove was frozen the next morning.

Reveille was blown at 6:30 A.M. The adult Dutch Oven patrol prepared the meals for the weekend so that the scouts could concentrate their efforts on the camporee events. Needless to say, we ate well all weekend. After the 9 o'clock flag ceremony, we finished our lashing project: a gateway for our troop banner. Acting SPL Trevor L. made a duty roster and the Spartans put yellow caution tape on all the guy lines. The Spartan patrol members Reed W., William M., Christopher S. and Eric B. competed in the beginner division. Juan and Gator A., Gabriel S., David R., Trevor L., and Andy H. formed the Phoenix patrol that competed in the intermediate division. There were ten events: Knot Tying, Orienteering, First Aid, Flag Etiquette, Leadership, Tent Pitching, Lashings, Fire Building, Height & Distance, and a nature scavenger hunt. After the long and tiring events were over, everyone had free time until the 5:30 P.M. Retirement of the Colors. During that time we made apple cobbler and chocolate cherry cobbler for the dessert contest, played football, got ready for campsite inspection, and played the card games B.S. and E.R.S.

The campfire had many funny skits. The "Is that you Hans?" skit was done well but the funniest was the "28 days" skit. The Folts brothers led the flag retirement ceremony. We retired the huge flag from atop the Arena Towers building in Sharpstown. We then walked in silence to the Order of the Arrow campfire for the tapping out ceremony and Brotherhood callout. Andy H. jumped about 3 feet in the air when the ceremony team picked him out and shouted, "Him!" David R., standing next to Andy, jumped even higher. It was hard to stand at attention at the call-out for so long because we had a lot of chili with beans for dinner earlier. Mr. Lauten, Trevor L. and Juan A. took part in the Brotherhood ceremony. Afterward we went back to camp and ate our cobblers around our own troop campfire. We used the big, heavy metal disk from the scout house for our fires.

The next morning we were all tired from losing an hour sleep because of the start of Daylight Saving Time but we were still able to have all our gear loaded and the campsite inspected for Leave No Trace before 10:30 A.M. At the awards presentation led by twins Andrew and Anthony M., Troop 505 Phoenix patrol earned a first or second place award in five events: Knot Tying, Leadership, Tent Pitching, Overall and dessert contest. The Spartans gained a lot of experience, had good team spirit and had a great time at the camporee. Mr. Bailey and Mr. Williford were a big help to new scouts. Mr. Holm and Mr. Simpson helped judge the tent pitching contest. This was a fun weekend and showed that our troop was one of the best in the district.

Weir, TX
by Trevor L., Historian

What should have taken less than three hours to get to Weir, Texas, ended up taking five and a half hours. The usually reliable troop trailer had not one, but two blowouts on Friday night. We all waited by the cars, safely away from traffic, while Mr. Merrill and Mr. Bailey went into Brenham's Super Wal-Mart to purchase two new tires. We arrived at the property owned by Mr. Merrill's uncle at 12:30 A.M. After breakfast and morning flag ceremony, we all headed to one of the three stocked ponds for a full day of fishing. Mr. Merrill and Gabe S. helped set up the hooks, bait, fishing line, and taught us how to cast, reel and recover the fish. Alec K. caught the first fish, Mr. Merrill caught the most (twelve), Gabe S. caught the biggest fish, and Trevor L. caught five fish with a broken reel using sausage for bait. We caught bass, catfish and sunfish. It wasn't as much fun cleaning the fish as it was catching them, but all the scouts and adults pitched in and helped clean them. Mr. Merrill had us save the fish heads to start the delicious gumbo he made for dinner. We iced down most of the fish to take home and cook later. The porta-can that was set up just for the weekend's campout worked out well, even though it was a quarter mile away from our camp site. The only negative for this outing was the poison ivy along the banks. It helped to wear long pants to avoid it. The trailer didn't have another blow out on the way back, so we made it safely back to the scout house on Sunday in less than three hours, tired from catching and cleaning fish and having all our clothes smelling like fish.
may08_01.jpg may08_02.jpg
may08_03.jpg may08_04.jpg



Here's a list of where Troop 505 went camping in 2006-2007:
* Wolf Creek Park (Livingston)
* Bastrop State Park Photos!
* Huntsville State Park Photos!
* Camp Karankawa (Winter Camp)
* Brazos Bend State Park
* Camp Strake Photos!
* Camporee 2007 - "Operation: Rolling Thunder"
* Enchanted Rock Photos!
* Pecan Park Retreat, San Marcos
* Camp Ben Delatour Photos!
* Laguna Station Photos!

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Here's a partial list of how Troop 505 Scouts earned service hours in 2006-2007:
* SVDP Festival of Ministries (Aug '06)
* Food and book drive benefitting Guadalupe Social Services (Mar '06)
* Build 5 birdhouses and benches for Project Feeder Watch (May '06) Photos!
* Collect/catalog/install books for libraries at three Senior Centers (Sep '06)
* SVDP Fun Fest (Oct '06)
* CCSC Jingle Bell Express (Dec '06)
* Wait/Bus Tables for Knights of Columbus Fish Fry (Fridays during Lent, '07)
* Index three volumes of Civil War Era court records (May '07)
* SVDP Playground renovation (Jul '07)

Bastrop State Park
by Trevor L., Historian

Twelve scouts earned the Golf merit badge at Bastrop State Park Golf Course. Our 1:30 tee times (shotgun start on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd holes) allowed us just enough time to play the 18 holes before it got dark. The scouts and adults walked the course and carried or wheeled their own clubs. It was a very hilly and demanding loop, with a deep ravine on 16 and water and sand traps along the course.

At the evening campfire the M.C. Trevor L. presented the following awards:

  • Woodcutter award for knocking off the most limbs: Graham W.L.
  • Shotgun Award for hitting 2 birds: Mr. DeWitt
  • Happiest to be there Award: Audley H.
  • Biggest Slice: Mr. Heath
  • Sportsmanship Award: John T.
  • Fastest holes played: Mr. Lauten and Trevor L.
  • Most Improved: Jonathan J.
  • Longest Putt: Mr. Holm
  • Longest Drive: Chris G.
  • Lowest scores: Mr. Jallans and Jared J.
  • Highest score and Happy Gilmore award: Aaron M.
  • Luckiest shot : Andy H.
  • Scout Spirit and Best dressed: Matthew R.
  • Backpacking Award: Taylor C.
  • Least number of clubs used: Alex D. and Taylor C.
The Sunday morning putting contest had three winners: Jared J., Aaron M. and Andy H.
oct06_01.jpg oct06_02.jpg oct06_03.jpg

Huntsville State Park
by Trevor L., Historian

On Friday, we left the scout house at 6:30 p.m., and arrived at Huntsville State Park at 8:00. Then, we all set up our tents at our campsites by patrol.

On Saturday,with so many tours planned, the troop was up by 7:00 a.m. and the patrols all cooked a good breakfast. We were at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum at 9:00 a.m. There, we saw memorials of all of the Texas leaders, a dutch oven cooking demonstration, and a spinning wheel demonstration. Later, we went to the Huntsville Prison Museum, where we saw an electric chair called "Old Sparky" and the prison hall of fame. We had a sack lunch at noon at the park across the street. At 1:00 p.m. sharp, the assistant warden of the Huntsville Wynne Prison Unit, along with no less than ten guards at all times, gave us a tour of the prison. We went to the mattress factory, the license plate factory, barbed wire facility, prisoner-built chapel and we got to see a cell block and go in an actual cell. We learned about riot control measures, career opportunities, and were given prison license plates and stickers that were made at the prison. Special thanks go to Mr. Halbach and Mr. Jallans for organizing the tours.

After dinner, we retired an American flag. On Sunday, while Trevor L., Alex D., Andy H., Audely H., and Julian M. were drinking cokes that their neighbors gave them, Jared J. and David R. accidentally uncovered a hornets' nest and were stung repeatedly. Ouch! After that, we all went to the nature center and got to pet a live baby alligator. We left the camp ground at 11:00 A.M.


Camp Karankawa (Winter Camp)
by Trevor L., Historian

Winter Camp was at Bay Area Council's Camp Karankawa in Sweeney, Texas. The Troop left from the scout house on Tuesday morning, December 26 and returned on Sunday, New Year's Eve. Mr. Richards, acting Winter Camp scoutmaster, and Mr. Campodonico, Mr. Taylor, and Mr. Redano were the adult leaders. Eight scouts including Daniel C., Pierce D., Chris G., David R., Matthew R., Gabriel S., John T., and Graham W., attended winter camp from Troop 505. There were excellent merit badge counselors and we brought home many merit badge completions, namely metalwork (camp favorite), communications, leatherwork, archery, rifle, shotgun, citizenship in the nation, envi-sci, forestry, cooking, art and first aid. The camp lived up to its reputation by being very muddy since it rained throughout the week. The rubber boots came in handy! The troop members earned the winter camping patch by camping in sub freezing temperatures for two consecutive nights. SPL Chris G. and ASPL Graham W. set good examples for leadership and were asked to return as camp staffers.

Brazos Bend State Park
by Trevor L., Historian

Rain, Rain, Rain! It rained or sprinkled on and off the entire weekend. We were well prepared. Everyone had rain gear. We brought three E-Z Ups (one was missing the canopy but we were able to use a tarp in its place). We learned how to cook in the rain, set up and take down tents in the rain, pitch our tents on high ground (well, most of did), and how to prevent raccoon raids. We learned a lot about the ecosystem during the half mile nature hike. We hiked to the observation tower to see the evening bird migration. We also learned about light pollution at the Challenger Learning Center. Since this was the music theme campout, we listened to different types of music during the weekend and Sam B. sang a song from his tryout. Daniel C., Chaplain Aide, led the Sunday morning Scouts' Own service. When we returned we made sure to air out the tarps, tents, and canopies and the patrol boxes and troop boxes.

Camp Strake

At the May Court of Honor the following awards were presented:
  • Sharpshooter Award (rifle): Peter McAughan
  • Dead Eye Award (shotgun): Sam Burkett
feb07_01.jpg feb07_02.jpg feb07_03.jpg
feb07_04.jpg feb07_05.jpg feb07_06.jpg
feb07_07.jpg feb07_08.jpg

Camporee 2007 - "Operation: Rolling Thunder"
by Trevor L., Historian

Troop 505 competed in the Golden Arrow District Camporee at Camp Bovay. The theme was "Operation Rolling Thunder." The ten events were done at night. The Phoenix Patrol members, Trevor L., Audley H., Andy H, and Michael F., represented the troop well. Mr. Lauten, Mr. Flatter, Mr. Holm, and Mrs. Heath provided the meals so we could concentrate on the events. The strategy worked fine because the troop and patrol were awarded second place in the small troop division, and third place in the Blind Escape event. Some of the memorable events were: Laser Wall, Document Recovery, and Jaws of Death Snack Time. We were hit by a sudden cold front, so we were allowed to leave early Sunday morning.

Enchanted Rock
by Trevor L., Historian

We had sites 29, 32, and 35 which were close to the rocks, more secluded than the road sites, but farther away from water and the parking lot. The four hour and ten minute trip got us to Enchanted Rock a little after midnight. Acting SPL for the campout was Audley H. The adult patrol box did not get packed in the trailer, but they made do by borrowing utensils from the Stealth and Phoenix patrols. We hiked to the top of Enchanted Rock and later had lunch at camp. Exploring the caves next to our campsites was a lot of fun. We drove to Fredericksburg and visited the Admiral Nimitz Museum dedicated to World War II in the Pacific. We saw tanks, guns, bombs, a PT boat, planes, and had a great World War II veteran tour guide. Chris G. and his father completed a 5 mile hike for his camping merit badge. Chris also led the campfire program to complete his Communications merit badge requirement. Trevor L. conducted the Scouts' Own service prior to leaving camp on Sunday morning.
apr07_01.jpg apr07_02.jpg apr07_03.jpg

Pecan Park Retreat, San Marcos
by Trevor L., Historian

San Marcos takes less than 3 hours, provided you don't get stopped in Martindale by the local "speed trap" policeman. We stayed at Pecan Park Retreat and rented our canoes and kayaks from T.G. Livery. We had a large pavilion on sites 2, 3, and 4. All four patrols; Pirate, Phoenix, Stealth, and Dutch Oven, were able to prepare, cook, and eat their meals under the pavilion. The Blanco River was swollen from recent rains, so we completed only 2 miles of the 7 mile trip on the San Marcos River. We ate lunch on the river near the Rio Vista Dam, and we really enjoyed going down the new rapids in our life vests. Some of the scouts completed their requirements for line rescues. We had time to go to Wonder World in San Marcos. We took their tram through a waterfall to a petting zoo where we fed deer and one angry emu. We went down the 160 foot "dry" cave that was formed by an ancient earthquake. We were allowed to touch a 65 million year old mollusk, kiss the lucky rock formation, see glowing rocks, take the elevator to the observation tower, and visit the anti-gravity room. After dinner at the campsite, we retired a flag. Cameron M. and Graham W. built a huge bonfire and acting SPL Anand M. and Trevor L. conducted the ceremony. Scouts Own service on Sunday was performed by Chaplain Aide Daniel C.

Service Project - Project Feeder Watch
jd0511_01.jpg jd0511_02.jpg jd0511_03.jpg
jd0511_04.jpg jd0511_05.jpg jd0511_06.jpg
jd0511_07.jpg jd0511_08.jpg jd0511_09.jpg
jd0511_10.jpg jd0511_11.jpg jd0511_12.jpg
jd0511_13.jpg jd0511_14.jpg

Eagle Court of Honor - March 2007
ecoh0703.jpg Troop 505 honors two of its newest Eagle Scouts, Bradley Holubec and James Debo, at a Court of Honor on Saturday, March 31, 2007 in the Monsignor Jamail Family Center.



Here's a list of where Troop 505 went camping in 2005-2006:
* Texas Rock Gym
* Bovay Scout Ranch
* Bastrop State Park
* Goliad State Park
* Camp Karankawa (Winter Camp)
* Brazos Bend State Park
* Lost Pines Scout Reservation
* Camporee 2006 - "Turn Back the Hands of Time"
* Pecan Park Retreat, San Marcos
* Camp Constantin Photos!

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Here's a partial list of how Troop 505 Scouts earned service hours in 2005-2006:
* SVDP Festival of Ministries (Aug '05)
* Construct sand volleyball court at St. John Presbyterian Church
* SVDP Fun Fest (Oct '05)
* CCSC Jingle Bell Express (Dec '05)
* Wait/Bus Tables for Knights of Columbus Fish Fry (Fridays during Lent, '06)

Lost Pines Scout Reservation
by Christian W., Historian

For the February campout this year, we traveled to Bastrop, TX, for our "Wilderness Survival"-themed camping trip. We camped out at Lost Pines during the weekend of Feb. 10-12.

About fifteen campers, including me, got the chance to show our survival skills this weekend by building a shelter we had to sleep in. It also knocked off two requirements for the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge. The idea was that we could only bring the clothes on our back, a sleeping bag, ground pad, and a coffee can filled with what we would need most to survive. Most people working on the badge made their shelters by tying rope around some trees, and then draping a tarp or ground cloth over the line. The tarp would be staked to the ground for an easy, makeshift tent. It was especially hard for us and all the other campers who attended the campout this time, because of the intense cold throughout Friday and Saturday nights. Upon waking up on Sunday morning, I heard from an adult that it was 24 at the time. That explained why no water would come out of the water faucet when I tried to fill my bottle, as the whole thing was frozen. Overall, it was a good experience for those trying to get the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge, and also for those who just wanted a fun and challenging way to camp. Besides the Phoenix, Toad, and Pirate patrols working on Wilderness Survival, the new Stealth patrol was also at the campout. Although they didn't participate in the survival part, they had fun in other ways... Scout skills and cooking, for example. This was also only their second campout since joining Troop 505.

Pecan Park Retreat, San Marcos
by Christian W., Historian

For the April campout this year, we traveled to San Marcos, TX, for our "Canoeing/Kayaking"-themed camping trip. We camped out in San Marcos from March 31-April 2.
We left Friday at around 6:45, after meeting at the Scout House at 6 o'clock to load the trailer and take attendance. Upon arriving, people choosing to sleep in a tent for the weekend set up camp, while a few of us, including me, slept outside. After some spurts of rain drizzles throughout the night, we woke up the next day at 7 AM to start the new day. Most of the patrols had a cooked breakfast, a good way to start our long day. At 9 o'clock, we went down to the livery to see a preview-slideshow of the river we would be boating on. We took a bus to the river after that and began our four-hour, seven-mile trip, soon after. The weather was great, and we had a great time. While most of the troop went in canoes, six of the older scouts got to go kayaking. Despite not getting to go down the small dam in the beginning, and getting partly lost when not knowing which branch of the river to go down, it was a blast.
After we'd finished, we set our canoes and kayaks by the road, and headed back to camp for some lunch. While the younger Scouts, mostly from the new Stealth patrol, went swimming in the river to knock off some First Class requirements and have some fun, the older guys hung around or played cards back at camp. At around 5:30 PM, we began cooking dinner. Everything looked great, (especially the adults linguine with clam sauce), and some patrols even made dessert after that. The rest of the night was relaxation and fun, and everyone was in bed by 10:30.
The next morning, we packed all our gear in the trailer, and we cleaned our campsite. It all went really well, and we got back to the Scout House to unload at 12:00.



Here's a list of where Troop 505 went camping in 2004-2005:
* Wolf Creek Park (Livingston)
* Camp Strake (Catholic Retreat)
* Enchanted Rock
* Camp Karankawa (Winter Camp)
* Brazos Bend State Park
* Camp Strake
* Bovay Scout Ranch
* Pecan Park Retreat, San Marcos
* Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch Photos!
* Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico

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Here's a partial list of how Troop 505 Scouts earned service hours in 2004-2005:
* SVDP Festival of Ministries (Aug '04)
* Provide color guard at Rotary Distinguished Citizen Dinner honoring George Strake (Sep '04)
* Construct model train at Sheltering Arms Senior Care Center (Sep '04)
* SVDP Fun Fest (Oct '04)
* SVDP Parish Mission (Oct '04)
* Remove invasive plant species from Hermann Park (Oct '04) Photos!
* Plant 15 trees in Terry Hershey Park (Nov '04)
* Wait/Bus Tables for Knights of Columbus Fish Fry (Fridays during Lent, '05)

Remove invasive plant species from Hermann Park
As part of Chris D.'s Eagle project, we successfully removed invasive plants (more than originally called for) and made a major contribution to restoring the natural beauty of the park. Even Saturday's rain didn't dampen our spirits! cd04_a.jpg cd04_b.jpg
cd1025_01.jpg cd1025_02.jpg cd1025_03.jpg
cd1025_04.jpg cd1025_05.jpg cd1025_06.jpg
cd1025_07.jpg cd1025_08.jpg cd1025_09.jpg
cd1025_10.jpg cd1026_01.jpg cd1026_02.jpg
cd1026_03.jpg cd1026_04.jpg cd1026_05.jpg
cd1026_06.jpg cd1026_07.jpg cd1026_08.jpg



Here's a list of where Troop 505 went camping in 2003-2004:
* Wolf Creek Park (Livingston)
* Camp Strake (Catholic Retreat)
* Enchanted Rock
* Camp Strake (Winter Camp) Photos!
* Brazos Bend State Park
* Dinosaur Valley State Park
* Camporee 2004 - "North to Alaska"
* Inks Lake State Park
* Pecan Park Retreat, San Marcos
* El Rancho Cima Photos!
* Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Photos!

Click here to see the 2003-2004 calendar.

Here's a partial list of how Troop 505 Scouts earned service hours in 2003-2004:
* Prepare bed for herb garden in Heritage Park (Aug '03) Photos!
* SVDP Homecoming (Sep '03) Photos!
* SVDP Fun Fest (Oct '03)
* Wetlands restoration at Sheldon Lake State Park (Nov '03) Photos!
* Wait/Bus Tables for Knights of Columbus Fish Fry (Fridays during Lent, '04)
* Weed/mulch/replant gardens at Sheltering Arms Senior Care Center (Apr '04)

Service Project - Heritage Park
nr0830_1.jpg nr0830_2.jpg nr0830_3.jpg

Eagle Court of Honor - September 2003
ecoh0309.jpg Troop 505 honors three of its newest Eagle Scouts, Spencer White and Josef and Jimmy McLean, at a Court of Honor on Sunday, September 21, 2003 in the Monsignor Jamail Family Center.

St. Vincent de Paul Homecoming - September 2003
Christian, Carl, John, and Chris provide the color guard for the St. Vincent de Paul homecoming game in September. svdphc03_1.jpg svdphc03_2.jpg

Service Project - Wetlands Restoration
Selecting the plants to be transplanted.
ew1101_07.jpg ew1101_09.jpg ew1101_13.jpg
ew1101_14.jpg ew1101_16.jpg ew1101_20.jpg
Planting day. The soil was both very dry and very compacted.
ew1108_01.jpg ew1108_02.jpg ew1108_03.jpg
ew1108_04.jpg ew1108_05.jpg ew1108_06.jpg
ew1108_07.jpg ew1108_08.jpg ew1108_09.jpg
ew1108_10.jpg ew1108_11.jpg ew1108_12.jpg
Five months later... and the ground is actually wet! Almost all plants survived the winter.
ew0402_02.jpg ew0402_03.jpg ew0402_04.jpg
Nineteen months later... mission accomplished! The first photo shows the general area looking from north to south. The second photos is a closeup of the area showing typical usage by black-bellied whistling ducks and white ibis. Can you spot the lone wood duck? The third photo shows the general area looking from west to east.
ew0506_01.jpg ew0506_02.jpg ew0506_03.jpg

Winter Camp
winter03a.jpg winter03b.jpg winter03c.jpg
winter03d.jpg winter03e.jpg winter03f.jpg

St. Vincent de Paul Scout Mass
It's the first Saturday of February, so it must be... Scout "Sunday" at St. Vincent de Paul! This year's Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius XII recipients were recognized (as were this year's Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei recipients).

In addition, Troop 505 is proud to be one of only 7 troops in the entire diocese to earn the Pope Paul VI National Unit Recognition for 2003!

Click on the thumbnails for larger images!
feb04_01.jpg feb04_02.jpg feb04_03.jpg

Diocesan Scout Sunday Ceremony at St. Thomas More
Five Troop 505 Scouts (James D., Chris D., Cameron M., Bradley M., and Max R.) and two Troop 125 Scouts (Timothy B. and Brett B.) were presented their Ad Altare Dei emblems by Bishop Rizzotto at a special ceremony held at St. Thomas More on February 8.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images!


May Court of Honor
Our spring Court of Honor was held the last Monday before Memorial Day (and was ably MC'd by SPL John M.) Teddy C. and Adrian J. earned the rank of Second Class, John H. earned the rank of Star, and both Bradley M. and Taylor C. earned the rank of Life. In addition, Mr. Wolz was presented his Wood Badge regalia. Congratulations to all!
coh504_1.jpg coh504_2.jpg coh504_3.jpg
coh504_4.jpg coh504_5.jpg coh504_6.jpg
coh504_7.jpg coh504_8.jpg coh504_9.jpg
coh504_10.jpg coh504_11.jpg



Here's a list of where Troop 505 went camping in 2002-2003:
* Wolf Creek Park (Livingston)
* Pavlick Ranch (Round Top)
* Enchanted Rock
* Camp Strake (Winter Camp)
* Galveston Island State Park / Lone Star Flight Museum Photos!
* Camporee 2003 - "Ahead to the Past" Photos!
* Williams Ranch (Hilltop Lakes, near Normangee) Photos!
* Shady Grove Camp Ground, Martindale Photos!
* Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico Photos!
* Camp Tom Hale, Talihina, Oklahoma Photos!

Click here to see the 2002-2003 calendar.

Here's a partial list of how Troop 505 Scouts earned service hours in 2002-2003:
* Collect donations of toiletry items etc. for St. Dominic Center
* Neighborhood book drive for an elementary school (Aug. '02)
* Rest area support for West U Warm-Up MS-150 Training Ride (Feb. '03)
* Wait/Bus Tables for Knights of Columbus Fish Fry (Fridays during Lent, '03)
* Build benches and repair volleyball net at St. Dominic Center (Mar '03) Photos!
* Constructing labyrinths for the Diocesan Aids Ministry (Apr '03) Photos!

Ad Altare Dei
Fr. Weyer celebrated Mass on September 25 with this year's Ad Altare Dei class, which consists of 5 Scouts from Troop 505 and 2 Scouts from Troop 125. aad0902a.jpg aad0902b.jpg
Click on the thumbnails for larger images!

Galveston Island State Park / Lone Star Flight Museum
In January, the Troop camped at Galveston Island State Park. Although the weather was unusually cold and wet, we had 25 scouts earn their Aviation Merit Badge at the Lone Star Flight Museum.
jan03_1.jpg jan03_2.jpg jan03_3.jpg

January Court of Honor
The culmination of our busy fall was the January Court of Honor, at which some 55 merit badges were awarded to 21 scouts. In addition, 4 scouts earned the rank of 2nd class and 8 scouts earned 1st Class. Michael P. earned the rank of Star and both Chris G. and Joseph H. earned the rank of Life. Congratulations to all Troop 505 Scouts who have advanced!
coh103_1.jpg coh103_2.jpg coh103_3.jpg
coh103_4.jpg coh103_5.jpg

Diocesan Scout Sunday Ceremony at St. Clare of Assisi
Four Troop 505 Scouts (William S., Michael P., Chris G., and Joseph H.) and two Troop 125 Scouts (Connor R. and John S.) were presented their Ad Altare Dei emblems by Bishop Vasquez at a special ceremony held at St. Clare of Assisi on February 2. I'm guessing that younger brother John H. will be receiving his Ad Altare Dei two years from now!

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image!

Camporee 2003 - "Ahead to the Past"
In March, the troop participated again in the annual Golden Arrow District Camporee, which was a great success and loads of fun. Activities included the ever-popular patrol scout skills competition, a patrol cooking competition, a Scoutmaster's cooking competition, and much more. Indeed two of our patrols won awards (the Dragons lead by Chris D. and the Stealth, lead by Cameron M.), and the adults' own Dutch Oven patrol placed 3rd in the dessert competition with its Banana Brownie Pudding. Yes, there were actually some banana molecules to be found!
Is it right over left or left over right? Dragons building a fire Acting SPL hard at work
mar03_01.jpg mar03_02.jpg mar03_03.jpg
Dragons building a fire Can the Rams tie a clove hitch around a pole?
mar03_04.jpg mar03_05.jpg

Williams Ranch
In April, the troop ventured to Hilltop Lakes, near Madisonville, to the Wright family farm. More than 20 scouts participated in the Rifle Shooting and Shotgun Shooting Merit Badges, under the tutelage of Patrick Pry, a nationally certified firearm safety instructor. apr03_01.jpg

Shady Grove Camp Ground
In May, the troop returned to Martindale, Texas, for our annual canoe trip down the San Marcos River. Some of us are still drying out. What a great trip!
may03_01.jpg may03_02.jpg may03_03.jpg

Service Project - St. Dominic Center
St. Dominic Retreat Center was in need of benches and picnic tables. Andy D. found plans for a bench that converts into a picnic table. Also, the poles that supported the volleyball net had an inadequate foundation (they were held in the ground by circular cement blocks which allowed the poles to move whenever anyone pushed on the net). The cement blocks were replaced with a design that is less likely to move under pressure. ad0329_1.jpg ad0329_2.jpg
ad0329_3.jpg ad0329_4.jpg

Service Project - Constructing Labyrinths
aw0319_1.jpg aw0319_2.jpg aw0319_3.jpg

May Green Bar
Hard at work



Here's a list of where Troop 505 went camping in 2001-2002:
* Schultz ranch
* Buescher State Park
* Enchanted Rock
* Camp Strake (Winter Camp) Photos!
* Galveston Island State Park
* Huntsville State Park
* Camporee 2002 - "The Big One"
* Civil War Campout Photos!
* Shady Grove Camp Ground, Martindale
* Camp Orr, Jasper, Arkansas Photos!
* Florida Sea Base Photos!

Click here to see the 2001-2002 calendar.

Here's a partial list of how Troop 505 Scouts earned service hours in 2001-2002:
* Refurbish collection barrels for the End Hunger in Houston program
* Plant trees as part of a City of Houston urban reforestation project
* Build / place bat houses at Texas City Prairie Preserve (Jan. '02)
* Replace 50' of boardwalk at Houston Arboretum and Nature Center (Jun. '02)

Enchanted Rock

Our Enchanted Rock campout was a huge success! The boy leaders did well, we fed a lot of people, everyone enjoyed the skits and songs at Saturday evening's campfire, and we had a great opportunity to talk about our troop program with the visiting Webelos parents.

Camp Strake (Winter Camp)
Ten Troop 505 Scouts (Bradley H., Joseph M., Chris G., Michael P., Joseph H., Matthew P., Gregory W., Peter D., Matthew L, and William S.) attended Winter Camp in December 2001. The theme of this year's camp was Fiesta!

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image!

Galveston Island State Park

Our January campout was at Galveston Island State Park, on the bay side of the park. The weather cooperated and we were able to participate in canoeing, fishing and exploring the park area (we had 7 canoes and 2 kayaks available). No one seemed to mind that the fish weren't biting!

Huntsville State Park

Our February campout was at Huntsville State Park, where we honed our Scout skills in preparation for the camporee. Saturday morning was spent in knots and lashings instruction/competition. Similarly, Saturday afernoon was spent in orienteering and firebuilding instruction/competition. The highlight of the weekend, however, was the Saturday evening Dutch Oven cooking competition. The winning menu was the Stag Patrol's Two Can Jambalaya, with the Badger Patrol's El Rancho Grande not too far behind! Even the "Crossover Chicken" prepared by our newest crossover Scouts tasted good! Although it was not part of the competition, special note should be made of the homemade potato chips prepared by the Ranger and Pedro patrols.

Florida Sea Base
Five Scouts and two leaders from Troop 505 spent a fun-filled week of snorkeling, fishing and sailing at the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base in the Florida Keys. No one will ever forget the beauty of the coral reefs and the excitement of the Crevalle Jack and Blackfin Tuna caught by each boat -- not to mention the barracudas! jul02_01.jpg
And who can forget the all-day visit to Key West -- the sights were historic and interesting, to say the least!

The troop was joined by five Venturers and two leaders from Crew 505.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images!



Here's a list of where Troop 505 went camping in 2000-2001:
* Camp Strake (Catholic Retreat)
* Almost Heaven Campground
* Camp Strake (Winter Camp)
* Camp Karankawa
* Holubec ranch
* Golden Arrow District "Two Waters" Camporee
* Inks Lake State Park Photos!
* Shady Grove Camp Ground, Martindale
* El Rancho Cima
* Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Photos!

Click here to see the 2000-2001 calendar.

Here's a partial list of how Troop 505 Scouts earned service hours in 2000-2001:
* Restore 600' of fence at Corpus Christi Catholic Church (Sep. '00)
* Collect donations of toiletry items etc. for VA Hospital (Nov. '00)
* Improve landscape, fix drainage, repair benches at St. Anthony Center (Feb. '01)

Catholic Retreat at Camp Strake

Scouts who attended the Catholic Retreat received this patch to add to their respective collections. The Latin inscription reads Christ Yesterday, Today, Forever.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image!

Additional photos from the retreat can be found on the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting web site.

Diocesan Scout Sunday Ceremony at St. Rose of Lima
Five Troop 505 Scouts (Chris C., Alan W., Erich W., Bradley H., and John P.) are the first since 1995 to earn their Ad Altare Dei religious emblems. The emblems were presented at a special Mass held at St. Rose of Lima on February 4.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image!

Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting
2001 Adult Recognition and Award Dinner
Click on the thumbnails for larger images!
Jock Mueller (our Chartered Organization Representative) received special recognition for 60 years of involvement with Catholic Scouting at the 2001 Adult Recognition and Award dinner held at St. Cecilia's on February 25. a1_mueller.jpg a1_mueller2.jpg
This is the annual dinner to recognize and honor adults who have been instrumental in the operation of the Catholic Committee and interaction with youth as scout leaders and religious emblems counselors.

Additional photos from the dinner can be found on the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting web site.

Two Waters Camporee

The Webelos from 505 under the guidance of Scouts Chris C. and True M. got a number of first places and a second place overall in competition this weekend! Congratulations to the Webelos from Pack 505. This makes several years that the troop has guided Webelos to top spots in competition. The food was great and a sloppy, muddy and wet fun time was had by all.

Click here to view John Brentin's collection of photos taken at the camporee!



Here's a list of where Troop 505 went camping in 1999-2000:
* La Grange Air Show
* Camp Brosig (Webelos Woods)
* Enchanted Rock
* Camp Karankawa
* Doty's Island
* Golden Arrow District "Five Star" Camporee
* Brazos Bend State Park
* Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch
(We also would have gone canoeing on Toro Bayou in Louisiana, about 2 miles past the Toledo Bend Dam, except for the 15 inches of rain and accompanying flooding the day we left. We only made it out of town as far north as Humble!)

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Here's a partial list of how Troop 505 Scouts earned service hours in 1999-2000:
* New landscaping for Zimmer Park at Holy Ghost Catholic Church (Feb. '99)
* Food Drive for Christian Community Service Center (Nov. '99)
* Christmas Delivery (Dec. '99)
* Construct / place wood duck houses
* Building 9 chicken coops for Bellaire High School FFA (Apr. '00)
* Toiletry Drive for patients at the VA Hospital
* Wait/Bus Tables for Knights of Columbus Fish Fry (Fridays during Lent, '00)
* Easter Egg Hunt at Galveston's Moody Gardens (Apr 23, '00)
* Picnic Area Cleanup at Brazos Bend State Park (Apr 29, '00)
* Epilepsy Foundation's 9th Annual Summer Stroll for Epilepsy (May 13, '00) Photos!

Fishing Campout at Doty's Island
by Alan W., Historian

The weather was rough for the Scouts, with strong winds and rain. The Scouts still had fun fishing and some Scouts caught some fish. The Scouts had a big hot fish fry at the end of the cold day.

Five Star Camporee
by Alan W., Historian

Troop 505 Boy Scouts and Webelos attended the Golden Arrow District Camporee on March 10-12. Acting Senior Patrol Leader True M. led the Scouts and Webelos to winning some awards on March 12. They had a great time in knot-tying, first aid, tripod-building, and tent-pitching. Congratulations to Troop 505 Scouts who placed third in the tent-pitching contest, and to Pack 505 Webelos who won best overall.

Family Campout at Brazos Bend
by Alan W., Historian

On April 28 Troop 505 went to Brazos Bend. We picked up trash at a picnic site and earned service hours. At night we went to the George Observatory and looked at constellations. Merit Badge Counsellor Bill Konkel worked on Astronomy Merit Badge with the Scouts.

Summer Camp at Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch
by Alan W., Historian

It was a long hot week at Buffalo Trail. On the first day the Scouts set up camp. They did their swim test and most of them passed. The next day they started classes and did free swim, free shoot, and free ride. The food was great. The Scouts also participated in a chapel service and the big OA tap out. John P., Jimmy M., Joseph K., Andrew F., Andy L., Bryan S., and Mr. Duffy all were tapped out. The Scouts packed up and went home the next day.

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Troop 505 helped the Epilepsy Foundation of America to raise $60,000 for the fight against epilepsy in the Houston Area. epilst1.jpg epilst2t.jpg



Here's a list of where Troop 505 went to summer camp in the 1990's:
* El Rancho Cima (1999, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1991)
* San Isabel Scout Ranch, Rye, CO (1998)
* Camp Pioneer, Mena AR (1997, 1996)
* Camp Strake, Conroe, TX (1995)
* Camp Constantin, Graford, TX (1992)

If you have photos or other memorabilia from the 1990's, please contact the webmaster!



Mr. J. H. Mueller, surrounded by Troop 505 Eagles in attendance, displays the Gary S. Calnan Eagle Patrol plaque to the assembled troop. Mr. Mueller named the patrol after U. S. Navy Commander Gary Stephen Calnan, Annapolis 1967, the first deceased Eagle Scout in the troop's history, who died in 1982 at age 37 of leukemia.

The Gary S. Calnan Eagle Patrol plaque was dedicated in December 1989. Bruce Clay, Bill Beirne, ???, Myron Steves, Jock Mueller, Neil Calnan, Al Clay, Joel Mueller, and Fred Steves.
Gary S. Calnan Eagle Patrol

If you have photos or other memorabilia from the 1980's, please contact the webmaster!



If you have photos or other memorabilia from the 1970's, please contact the webmaster!



Here's a list of where Troop 505 went to summer camp in the 1960's:
* El Rancho Cima (1967)
* Camp Strake (1966)

If you have photos or other memorabilia from the 1960's, please contact the webmaster!

Former Scoutmaster Fred Putz writes:
The Scouting program at St. Vincent de Paul was entered into by my son and myself in June of 1960, in the Cub program. I was Cubmaster for 2 years in 1960 and 1961!

I joined the troop in 1962 as an Assistant Scoutmaster. Bob Parsons was the Scoutmaster for the first couple of months to 1962. Then he resigned because of health (he had a heart problem). Orville Hunter took over as Scoutmaster but his son Branson was one year too young and could not join the troop. There were a lot of problems in the troop and Al Clay, Jr. somewhat held the troop together. I don't believe he was actually on the charter as the Scoutmaster at this time; he mainly worked with the troop during the time of Jock Mueller (during the building of the Scout House), when his son Albert III was in the troop. I lived across the street from them and was therefore fairly close.

My son Philip earned his Eagle in 1964 at the same Court of Honor with Mike Toomey. (Webmaster's Note: Mike Toomey, a former three-term State Representative for District 135, Houston, is the only individual in Texas history to be Chief of Staff for two Texas Governors: William P. Clements, Jr. 1989-1990 and Rick Perry 2002-2004.)

I was on the Sam Houston Area Council's Catholic Committee on Scouting, and put on the Catholic Retreat in 1966. This is during the same time that the troop was extremely active. We had 4 Eagles and 12 Ad Altare Dei. (Webmaster's Note: We actually had more Eagles and Ad Altare Dei than that during the 1960's!)

I was Scoutmaster for only one year, and when I left, Orville Hunter took over as Scoutmaster and was active for two more years, after which he took the Explorer Post. We had the first co-ed camp out for the Explorers. I might add that it was interesting. I was with them!

From 1960 to 1969 is the only time I can truly vouch for. During the entire time, Orville Hunter was active and was encouraging the entire program.

1960 National Scout Jamboree - Colorado Springs
Neil Calnan, ASM Bill ____, Daisy Calnan, Gary Calnan nsj1960a nsj1960b.jpg



Here's a list of Troop 505's recent Scoutmasters:
* John Lauten (2007-date)
* Rudy Dismuke (2004-2006)
* Ted Holubec (2002-2003)
* Dana Foy (2001)
* Richard Schultz (1999-2000)
* Drew Shebay (1997-1998)
* Jay Muse (1996)
* Russell Thoede (199?-1995)
At this point the details start to get a little "fuzzy"
(please contact the webmaster if you have any additions/corrections):
* Mike Moore (early 1990's)
* Jeremy Setter (early 1980's)
* Dick Herrod (early 1970's to 1980)
* Jock Mueller (early 1970's)
* John Halik (1967-1969?)
* John O'Connor (1966) (according to the Oct. 1965 charter)
     ASM: Al Locker, Sr. (1966-1968)
* Orville Hunter (1964-1965) (according to the Oct. 1963 and Oct. 1964 charters)
      - John Thoede became Explorer Post 505 advisor
* Fred Putz (1963?)
* Bob Parsons (1961)
     ASM: John Thoede (1961-1963)
* Pat James (1960) (according to the Oct. 1959 charter)
* Al Clay, Jr. (1959)
      - Jock Mueller became Explorer Post 505 advisor
* Jock Mueller (1954-1958)
* Harold Bordelon (1953)
* Mr. O'Neil (1952)
* William Goggan (1950) (according to the Oct. 1949 charter)
     ASM: E.V. Moody (who was also the Explorer Post 505 Advisor)


Brief History of Troop 505

Boy Scout Troop 505, chartered to St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, is part of the Golden Arrow District of the Sam Houston Area Council -- one of the largest Scout councils in the nation. We're told that the number "505" was chosen because it most closely resembled the letters "SOS" (in keeping with the Scout Motto, "Be Prepared")!

While St. Vincent has sponsored a Boy Scout troop since the mid 1940's (by 1949 the men of the parish had built the original Boy Scout House using donated materials), interest in leadership waned in the early 1980's and the troop charter lapsed. In 1986 interest in Scouting increased and the troop was rechartered. Since then it has grown from 7 Scouts to its present membership of over 40 Scouts.

We are very proud of the fact that of the first 7 Scouts registered in 1986, five have attained the highest rank in Scouting, that of Eagle Scout. Since its first charter in the 1940's, the troop has produced nearly 80 Eagle Scouts.

The gold star in the lower left hand corner of our troop flag is in honor of Gary S. Calnan, the first Troop 505 Scout who died in the service of this country. Gary earned his Eagle Scout award in 1959. (He is pictured above, along with his brother Neil -- another Troop 505 Eagle Scout -- who attended the 1960 National Scout Jamboree in Colorado Springs, CO.)

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