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Life to Eagle
Other Awards
Scouting Resources
Leader Resources
Links for Parents and Scouts
Scouting History/Insignia
Leave No Trace
Dutch Oven Cooking
First Aid/Emergency Preparedness
Physical Fitness
Astronomy Merit Badge
Space Exploration Merit Badge
Geneology Merit Badge
Wilderness Survival Merit Badge
Forms (in Adobe PDF format)
* Boy Scout Requirements
* Index to Scouting Advancement Requirements
* Merit Badge Resource Links
* Index to Merit Badge Requirements
* Mr. D's Merit Badge Review - relative difficulty and expected time of MB's
* - Electricity, Electronics, Computers MBs
* Resources for Senior Patrol Leaders - and ASPLs
* Resources for Patrol Leaders - and Assistant Patrol Leaders
* Resources for Instructors - and Troop Guides
* Resources for Chaplain Aides
* Resources for OA Representatives
* Quartermaster Resources - available for borrowing!
* Librarian Resources - available for check-out!
* Troop Program Features Index

Troop Program Features Volume I - includes:
- Aquatics, Athletics, Backpacking, Boating/Canoeing
- Business, Camping, Citizenship, Communications, Cooking
- Cultural Awareness, Emergency Preparedness, Engineering

Troop Program Features Volume II - includes:
- Environment, First Aid, Fishing, Forestry
- Health Care, High Adventure, Hiking, Hobbies
- Leadership, Mechanics, Nature, Orienteering

Troop Program Features Volume III - includes:
- Physical Fitness, Pioneering, Public Service, Safety
- Science, Shooting, Special Cooking, Sports, Tracking,
- Wilderness Survival, Wildlife Management, Winter Camping

Troop Program Resources - includes:
- The Scoutmaster's Minute, Games, Ceremonies, Interfaith Worship Service
- Glossary of Scouting Terms, B-P Quotes, BSA Founders, Forms, Clip Art

Life to Eagle

* Golden Arrow District Eagle Project Questions
* Go For The Eagle Worksheet
* Eagle Scout Resource Center
* Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Planning Guide
* Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook
* Eagle Scout Rank Application - now fillable AND saveable!
* Eagle Congratulation Letters
* "Give me a Scout" (72 dpi) (300 dpi)
* National Eagle Scout Association - history, application, scholarships

Other Awards

* Boy Scout Religious Emblems
* William T. Hornaday Awards
* Boy Scout World Conservation Award
* Emergency Preparedness Award
* President's Volunteer Service Award
* Congressional Award
* Texas Award - also here

Scouting Resources

* U.S. Scouting Service Project - online library of resources, etc.
* U.S. Scouting Service Project - Scouting Clipart and File Library
* MacScouter Resource Directory - resources and stuff just for fun
* The NetWoods Virtual Campsite - wide range of reference material
* Scouting Online - wide range of reference material
* World Wide Web Scouting Archives
* SCOUTS-L Discussion List Archives and Knowledge Base
(Click here to subscribe)
* Scouting the Net - a portal for the Scouting community
* American Scouting Digest - for those who love Scouting!
* Boy Scout Trail - Resources for Boy Scouts

Leader Resources

* BSA Fieldbook - companion web site
* Guide to Safe Scouting - and other matters
* Guide to the BSA Knots - includes requirements for training awards
* - Resources for Scoutmasters and Scout Leaders
* What makes a trained leader?
* Adult Training - From quick references to complete courses
* Supplemental Training Modules - Orientation beyond basic training!
* Youth Protection Training
* Wood Badge - Advanced training for Scout leaders
* Powder Horn - High Adventure Skills Resource Course
* Scouting for Boys - by Lord Baden-Powell
* Aids to Scoutmastership - by Lord Baden-Powell
* White Stag - Leadership Development and Junior Leader Training
* Free Scouting resources - includes:
- Troop W.I.S.E. - A method of building a boy-run troop
- "Who Wants to be an Eagle Scout?"
* Inquiry Net - Outdoor activities, patrol method, leadership, etc.
* Scout Spirit Scavenger Hunt - Worksheet for Scoutmaster Conferences
* Conducting Boards of Review - includes sample questions
* A Year-Round Guide to Boy Scout Recruiting - 3 ways to grow
* Herding Cats - EDS's first-ever Super Bowl commercial

Links for Parents and Scouts

* Family Fun - Games, quizzes, and interactive resources
* The Scouting Way - personal stories, uplifting narratives
* Boy Scout and Varsity Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet
* 100 Civic Knowledge Questions - How many can you answer?
* A Scout is Helpful - requires Macromedia Flash Player
* Houston Museum of Natural Science
* Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

Scouting History/Insignia

* National Scouting Museum - Official museum of the B.S.A.
* The History of Scouting
* The Pine Tree Web - Scouting heritage, history, and traditions
* Boy Scout Stuff 1910-1919
* Boy Scout Stuff (Supply Division)
* B.S.A. Badge History - a little history about early Scout badges
* A History of Senior Scouting Programs
* Eagle Scout Requirements Since 1911
* America's Oldest Boy Scout Camps
* B.S.A. Insignia Guide
* Patrol Emblems


* - the website of wilderness travel
(be sure to check out the forums!)
* - a site dedicated to backpacking
* Backpacking Lightweight - backpack weight reducing tips!
* Backpacking Guide - compiled by Verdugo Hills Council T288
* Bear Bag Hanging Techniques - from
* Backcountry Food and Drink
* Philmont Menus and Ingredients


* Texas Parks and Wildlife - State parks and historic sites
* BSA Camping Guide - info on all BSA camps and bases
* - online camp database, camp stories, and more!
* BSA Camp Database - from
* BSA Camps - compiled by Mount Diablo Silverado Council T24
* Caves and Scouts
* National Speleological Society (NSS)
* Greater Houston Grotto - Houston's local chapter of the NSS

Leave No Trace

* The Principles of Leave No Trace - also here
* Teaching Leave No Trace
* Leave No Trace Awareness Award Application
* Leave No Trace, Inc.
* Responsible Outdoor Activities and Recreation - Teaching outlines


* Real-time Water Data
* Boat Texas - Official online boat safety course and test


* Easy Recipes
* Backpacking Recipes
* The Science of Fire
* Cooking - Resources, recipes, menus
* Scouting the Net - More resources, recipes, menus
* Troop 226's Cook Book - also available in Adobe PDF format!
* Tips for the Patrol Cook - from Troop 5 in Palo Alto
* Cooking for Groups - A Volunteer's Guide to Food Safety

Dutch Oven Cooking
(as recommended by John P., Quartermaster)

* Dutch Oven Favorites - our favorite recipes!
* The International Dutch Oven Society
* Caring for Cast Iron Cookware - from Lodge's web site
* Dutch Oven Cooking Info and Recipes - from ISU's Outdoor Program
* Dutch Oven Cooking - from
* Dutch Oven Cooking - from MacScouter
* Dutch Oven Cooking Tips - from Idaho McGuffey's pages
* Byron's Dutch Oven Recipes - from Byron Bill's pages
* Desert Lil's Delicacies - from DesertUSA
* Dutch Ovens and Camp Cooking - from Chuckwagon Supply

First Aid/Emergency Preparedness

* American Red Cross - You want the Adult CPR/First Aid class!
* Museum of Health and Medical Science
* - from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  Dehydration: The Warning Signs

  Frostbite - from Boston Minuteman Council

  Hypothermia - from Boston Minuteman Council

  Heat Illnesses: Symptoms And Treatment


* Hiking and Backpacking in Texas - great hiking / backpacking trails
* Texas Hiking - writeups, maps, photos, etc. on almost 300 hike areas
* Texas Trail Registry - information on public trails, by county
* MacScouter Resource Directory - Nationally approved historic trails
* Historic Hiking Trails - includes a list of current trails
* Houston Happy Hikers - in Houston since 1979
* Lone Star Hiking Trail Club - affiliated with American Hiking Society
* Trail Link - find the best trails for outdoor recreation


* Ropers Knots Page - The knot site on real knots in rope
* What knot would you use? - Take this on-line quiz!
* Rope Works Archive - Knots, hitches, splicing, lashing, rope making
* - Resource for all things pioneering
* Pioneering Projects Big and Small - Bridges, catapults, towers, gadgets
* Rope Facts - Properties, safe working loads, proper use/care, knotting/splicing
* Animated Knots
* Knots on the Web


Animal Tracks - Lots of links!
Entomology for the Master Gardener - Insects inside and out! - Bringing nature to life!
Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery - Trees, shrubs, grasses, etc.
Poison Oak, right here in West University Place!
poisoak.jpg poisoak2.jpg


* Finding Your Way with Map and Compass
* Topographic Map Symbols
* TerraServer - USGS maps and aerial photos
* How to use a compass
* Houston Orienteering Club
* Interactive Topo Map CD-ROM Software Comparison
* GPS Receiver Information, Software, and Hardware Reviews
* Useful GPS Information
* GPS Resource Library

Physical Fitness

* Tenderfoot Physical Fitness Skills Tracking Chart - also see the
qualifying standards for the Presidential Physical FItness Award
* Get it Straight - The Facts about Drugs - Second Class req't #8
* National Institute on Drug Abuse - Second Class req't #8
* NIDA Goes Back to School - drug abuse publications and teaching materials
* Personal Fitness Merit Badge (print these in landscape mode):
Fitness Measurements, Sample Program, Exercise Log, Exercise Journal

Astronomy Merit Badge

2. Light pollution
3. Telescopes
4. Deepsky Atlas
5b. Planet positions
7a. Moon map
7d. Moon phases and why eclipses happen
8a. The sun and sunspots
8b. What is a Star?
9a. HMNS Burke Baker Planetarium and George Observatory
10. How to become an astronomer
  Tonight's Sky
  Astronomy and Space
  Home Planet (free software)
  Windows to the Universe
  What's your real birth sign? - yes, this is an astronomy link!

Space Exploration Merit Badge

* Space Center Houston
* Earth at Night
* Satellite Flybys

Geneology Merit Badge

* Five Generation Pedigree Chart - in Adobe PDF format
* Family Group Record Form - in Adobe PDF format
* GenForum - part of

Wilderness Survival Merit Badge

  Primitive Skills Mega List of Skills and Related Knowledge
  Survival Links - from Equipped to Survive™
  The 72-Hour Survival Kit
  Tin Can Cookery
  Wings - The Home Made Stove Archives
  Fire By Friction
  Beaufort Scale Weather Page - estimate wind strength without instruments
  Tips and Techniques for Winter Camping - from Troop 8 in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  Outdoor Action Guide to Winter Camping
  Outdoor Safety
  Books About Wilderness Survival
  Survival IQ


* Games for Meetings and Campouts - From MacScouter


* Troop 505 Song Book
* Songs for Scouts
* Songs for Scouts - From MacScouter


* Skits and walkons
* Skits for Scouts - From MacScouter

Forms (in Adobe PDF format)

* Patrol Menu and Duty Roster
* Troop Meeting Plan
* Campfire Program Planner
* Personal Health and Medical Record, Class 1 and 2
* Personal Health and Medical Record, Class 3
* Medication Form - one per page or six per page
* Tour Permit - Local or National
(Click here for a Local Tour Permit in MS Word format!)
* Local Tour Permit Application Process
* Tours and Expeditions Permission Slip (MS Word doc)
* Unit Money-Earning Application
* BSA Lifeguard Application
* Historic Trails Award Application
* Adult Application
* Youth Application
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