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Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness - July 2004

Eleven Scouts and seven adults travelled to Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness July 19-25, 2004. Because of crew size restrictions, they split up into two crews of nine persons each. Here are some photos of one crew's trip.
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Rockwood Lodge -- finally! Preparing to go our separate ways Heading across Poplar Lake Our first portage -- to Lizz Lake
bw04_01.jpg bw04_02.jpg bw04_03.jpg bw04_04.jpg
Entering the Boundary Waters Did you wait 20 minutes after eating? Cameron, Christian, Chris -- the three C's Joe "Follow me, I've been here before, I can read a map" and Bradley
bw04_05.jpg bw04_06.jpg bw04_07.jpg bw04_08.jpg
This looks like a good site... Rudy and George relax Swimming in Horseshoe Lake Chris makes sure Cameron follows the recipe
bw04_09.jpg bw04_10.jpg bw04_11.jpg bw04_12.jpg
Breakfast at Tiffany's? Christian leads the way Wait for us! Buddy boats
bw04_13.jpg bw04_14.jpg bw04_15.jpg bw04_16.jpg
Where'd all this extra gear come from? View from the western end of Gaskin Lake Do you have your life jacket, Bradley? Lunch on the portage trail to Henson Lake
bw04_17.jpg bw04_18.jpg bw04_19.jpg bw04_20.jpg
Cameron and George head out on Henson Lake Swimming in Omega Lake Two thumbs up from Chris! How cold is the water?
bw04_21.jpg bw04_22.jpg bw04_23.jpg bw04_24.jpg
I washed my hair today, mom! Preparing the evening meal Cleaning up afterward I was hoping you'd play an ace!
bw04_25.jpg bw04_26.jpg bw04_27.jpg bw04_28.jpg
Omega Lake Bradley shows off his "hat" Chris prefers the front... ...but so does Christian
bw04_29.jpg bw04_30.jpg bw04_31.jpg bw04_32.jpg
Practicing tandem canoe strokes Let's check out those cliffs Christian tries to catch dinner Anand comes up empty
bw04_33.jpg bw04_34.jpg bw04_35.jpg bw04_36.jpg
Look out, below! Can someone move this rock? Will this stuff ever come off? 9 forks, 9 knives, 9 spoons, ...
bw04_37.jpg bw04_38.jpg bw04_39.jpg bw04_40.jpg
I wonder what kind of ripple pattern a toad would make?
bw04_41.jpg bw04_44.jpg
Rar! Chris demonstrates his technique Rudy and Christian This portage isn't so bad...
bw04_45.jpg bw04_46.jpg bw04_47.jpg bw04_48.jpg
Heading out onto Winchell Lake Joe, Bradley, Anand Christian and Rudy George and Cameron
bw04_49.jpg bw04_50.jpg bw04_51.jpg bw04_52.jpg
One of many loons Need a bigger sail! Lunch Pine cones!
bw04_53.jpg bw04_54.jpg bw04_55.jpg bw04_56.jpg
Pine cone wars! Getting a head start toward Gaskin Lake Out of bread crumbs, Chris leaves a pine cone trail. Entering Gaskin Lake
bw04_57.jpg bw04_58.jpg bw04_59.jpg bw04_60.jpg
North on Gaskin Lake... ...then east to our campsite
bw04_61.jpg bw04_62.jpg bw04_63.jpg bw04_64.jpg
Stairwy to Heaven Rudy tries his luck... ...and his patience! Morning fog
bw04_65.jpg bw04_66.jpg bw04_67.jpg bw04_68.jpg
Cameron and Christian Portage trail to Horseshoe Lake Are you sure we have everything? Our paddles, keen and bright
bw04_69.jpg bw04_70.jpg bw04_71.jpg bw04_72.jpg
Early morning calm Christian "It's dark in here!" Caribou Lake Familiar faces
bw04_73.jpg bw04_74.jpg bw04_75.jpg bw04_76.jpg
Christian finishes his merit badge requirements Chris tries getting back into his canoe... ...again! Bradley hoists himself back in
bw04_77.jpg bw04_78.jpg bw04_79.jpg bw04_80.jpg
I know it's in here somewhere! Should I play the ten? Bradley strikes a familiar pose Dinner is served
bw04_81.jpg bw04_82.jpg bw04_83.jpg bw04_84.jpg
When can we do this again? One of many ducks That shower felt great! Not pictured: Ron Taylor
bw04_85.jpg bw04_86.jpg bw04_87.jpg bw04_88.jpg
Let's roll! Is everyone here? Would you buy a used canoe from one of these guys?
bw04_88a.jpg bw04_89.jpg bw04_90.jpg

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